The NFL has been a league that is dominated by the New England Patriots. Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks was on The ManningCast Podcast with Peyton and Eli discussing his future in Seattle.
During their conversation, he didn’t give much indication about whether or not he would be staying with them next season when it comes to free agency as well as addressing fan concerns of whether or not they will win another Super Bowl this year. He simply told fans to just “stay patient”. While there are many theories out there why Wilson didn’t tip his hand during the podcast, one thing we do know is that Marshawn Lynch’s retirement leaves an open running back spot which creates room for competition at the position. We must wait until after Sunday’s game against San Francisco to find out who will take over in 2017 if Wilson retires.#

Russell Wilson didn’t tip his hand on Seahawks future during ManningCast, but there’s a reason why. Read more in detail here: who is russell wilson.

Russell Wilson Didn't Tip His Hand on Seahawks Future During ManningCast, But There's a Reason Why

There will be no ManningCast this NFL season, unfortunately. The Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams squared battle in the last game of Super Wild Card Weekend on Monday night. Larry Fitzgerald, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson were among the guests.

Wilson’s future with the Seahawks is up in the air, so everyone was expecting some rumor talk from him, but he didn’t say anything. But there seems to be a reason why he didn’t say anything about it.

On the ManningCast, Russell Wilson didn’t reveal anything since there was an agreement not to.

It appears there was an agreement not to ask Russell Wilson his Seahawks future/hoopla about it on the Peyton & Eli Manning telecast of Rams-Cardinals.

“Go Hawks,” Wilson said at the conclusion of his speech.

— Gregg Bell (@gbellseattle) January 18, 2022

This is the cause behind it.

After all, Peyton and Eli Manning had to be itching to hear about Wilson’s plans for the next season.

But they didn’t, which is understandable. Wilson did, however, finish his visit with a “Go Hawks,” which is music to the ears of Seattle fans.

But that’s all there is to it. Everyone who tuned in to see whether Wilson would divulge anything during the blowout was disappointed.

Wilson, on the other hand, was amusing, and some speculated that he was inadvertently auditioning for a future analyst position.

Even though Wilson didn’t reveal anything about the forthcoming summer, it was still a nice time with him.

Still, there’s fire where there’s smoke.

According to the most recent Russell Wilson rumors, a trade out of Seattle is a possibility.

Recently, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that Wilson wanted to “explore his options” during the offseason. Then, on The Pat McAfee Show, Rapoport mentioned the same thing.

Wilson should consider alternative choices after a difficult campaign in Seattle. The Seahawks’ roster is in desperate need of improvement, and Pete Caroll’s future is also uncertain.

The issue remains as to whether Seattle wants to deal him and, if so, for what.

Wilson is still a capable quarterback who, when surrounded by the proper personnel, can transform a club into a Super Bowl contender.

The offseason will elicit a slew of questions, and speculations will abound, and the ManningCast’s agreement not to discuss it demonstrates that this isn’t a far-fetched prospect.

If the Seahawks’ quarterback gets dealt, where will he end up?

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in 2022.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in 2022. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson | Getty Images/Steph Chambers

This is the most important issue of all.

Many quarterback-needy clubs would give everything to get Seattle’s experienced signal-caller. With Ben Roethlisberger’s NFL career coming to an end, the Pittsburgh Steelers make a lot of sense. After going through a quarterback carousel in recent years, the Denver Broncos seem to be a realistic alternative as well.

Is it possible that the Philadelphia Eagles will make an offer? Which team is better, the Carolina Panthers or the New Orleans Saints?

If Wilson does become available, expect Seattle’s phones to ring off the line with ridiculous offers. When a Super Bowl-winning quarterback becomes available, it’s a rare occurrence.

It doesn’t happen very frequently, but if Wilson joins a playoff contender, his presence may be enough to push them over the top.

Yes, everyone was anticipating a Wilson truth bomb during the ManningCast – except Wilson and the Mannings, who had been informed of the deal.

Regardless, there’s a storm developing in Seattle.

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