The NBA Finals are just around the corner, and what better way to pass time than by skipping cutscenes? Here’s a guide for how you can do that.

The “how to skip cutscenes in hitman 2” is a tutorial that explains how to skip cutscenes in the game Hitman 2.



Cutscenes are used to introduce bosses and crucial plot points in traditional Souls-likes, but they seldom go beyond that. Only a few times in Salt and Sacrifice do you lose control of your character.

It’s beneficial to see them the first time through to learn about the plot, environment, and character backgrounds, but skipping these cutscenes will get you into the action much faster if you play the game a second, third, or fourth time.

Salt and Sacrifice: How to Skip Cutscenes

Salt & Sacrifice’s introductory movie explains why your character hunts Mages, and after it’s complete, you’ll receive a quick movement and mechanics training. Finally, there’s a boss battle that’s very certainly unwinnable, which leads to the game proper. The whole instructional part, including the combat, is skipped if the introductory sequence is skipped.

Hold down the B or Circle button on the controller and the C key on the keyboard to skip. A little prompt with a progress meter will show at the bottom-left of your screen. You can skip the cutscene if you fill the bar all the way up. This is also true for almost every lengthy cutscene in the game.

You can no longer skip the instructional segment once you reach the moment in the opening scene when pink lightning starts to rain around your character. No matter how many times you die against them, you can’t skip the boss introduction sequences.

Skipping cutscenes in Salt and Sacrifice is more convoluted than it should be, similar to running or creating on the fly. The same may be true about higher-tier weapons and gear, as well as the first crimes you pick upon character creation. For additional information about the game, see our guides site.

The “man of medan skip cutscenes” allows players to skip the game’s cutscenes. The tool is available for download on Salt and Sacrifice’s website.

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