When playing Sea of Thieves, it’s not uncommon to see a green tornado icon in the bottom left hand corner. What does this Icon mean and should players be worried? This article explains what you need to know about Sea of Thieves Green Tornado Explained

The “sea of thieves symbol meanings” is a term that has been used in the Sea of Thieves game. The green tornado is actually an ancient symbol that means death, rebirth and renewal.

A massive green tornado sweeps from the sea to the heavens. You and your merry band of buccaneers are sailing the Sea of Thieves in search of money and adventure when you get a glimpse of it through your spyglass and scramble.

What is this strange wind spiral? Let us tell you about it in our Sea of Thieves green tornado guide.  

The Green Tornado in Sea of Thieves is explained. 

The Sea of Thieves is home to a variety of strange phenomena, including the Green Tornado, which is one of the most spectacular. The characteristic emerald tint may be recognized by experienced sailors as a reliable indicator that ghostly apparitions are there.

Someone is embarking on the Legends of the Veil adventure, an unique Pirate Legend’s trek across the sea concluding in a clash against a gigantic stronghold surrounded by that green spiral. The energy that produces the tornado is generated by a set of miniature sea fortresses; removing them dispels the air column, revealing the huge Sea Fortress inside.  


Legends of the Veil is a multi-part adventure accessible solely to Pirate Legends players. If you want to take on the journey yourself, we’ve got a whole guide that will send you across the sea in a race to rescue three Veil stones before Captain Flameheart can get his skeleton hands on them.  

The Green Tornado is visible to any other crew in the region, and it is not required to be on the Legends of the Veil expedition to witness it. If numerous players are on the same journey, this suggests there might be more than one.

If you wish to assist another crew or grab the riches in the mayhem, you can sail to any of them. A crew may, however, decide at any moment to abandon the expedition, canceling the tornado and any possible loot. 


The Green Tornado from the Legends of the Veil journey will undoubtedly appear often in Sea of Thieves. Still, like the elusive Kraken, it’s simply one of many treasures for you and your crew to discover. Keep a look out for future Sea of Thieves tutorials on GameSkinny.

The “sea of thieves red and green lights” is a phenomenon that occurs in the Sea of Thieves game. The green tornado is an area where players can find treasure.

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