Sea of Thieves has taken the gaming world by storm, but one combatant is noticeably missing from the four-person crew: Deadshot. This guide will help you locate and claim Charlotte as your own in a single player game.

The “sea of thieves silent rose location” is a quest that can be found in Sea of Thieves. It’s a short quest, and it has the player finding out where Deadshot Charlotte is.

Deadshot Charlotte may be the most challenging delivery target in Sea of Thieves, with most crews finding her impossible to locate. Deliveries are often simpler to manage than other combat-oriented tasks, but in this and other cases, a little assistance may save a lot of time and hassle.

Where to Find Deadshot Charlotte in Sea of Thieves 

Deadshot Charlotte lives on Lone Cove, a big island off the coast of New Zealand. To locate it, look for H-6 on your map table. On the island’s southern side, there are two sandy beaches: a long, narrow one to the east and a deeper inlet beach to the west. Go to the beach on the west side.


Go to the extreme northwest corner of the West beach, near where the sand meets the ocean, after you arrive. A campsite will be put up in a little nook formed by some boulders. Charlotte, the Deadshot, will be snuggled among the barrels and the bonfire, ready to receive any goodies she has on order. Don’t be scared to remain and speak with her for a long if you’re curious about how she got the nickname “Deadshot.”  

Lone Cove Island is a fascinating place to visit. On the island, there are many Tall Tales with possible goals. Near a vast cemetery, there’s a unique poster for pirate “Missing, Presumed Pirating,” as well as a secret subterranean room to explore. It also contains a good amount of barrels, making it a good area to replenish supplies.


Tracking down Sea of Thieves residents in order to provide products may not seem like much, but it’s honest job. There are lots of possibilities if you’re looking for something a bit more deceptive. You’ll be robbing secret temples deep under the water in The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom. In pursuit of the Hoarder of Ancient Tributes commendation, you might rob other ships of their Chests of Ancient Tributes. In our Sea of Thieves guidelines area, we have a guide for every kind of mayhem.  

The “Sea of Thieves tony” is a legendary pirate who can be found in the Sea of Thieves. This article will help you find and kill him. Reference: sea of thieves tony.

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