Skyrim is one of the most successful video games in history, with over 20 million players. As such, it has influenced pop culture and popularized new gaming mechanics like crafting weapons out of ingots using a forge. But when did you last see someone playing Skyrim?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game that takes place in the setting of Tamriel, which you can explore on your own or with friends. The world is filled with quests and dragons to slay as well as plenty of loot to find. One of this games many new items are Daedric Weapons, crafted from ebony and daedra hearts by skilled blacksmiths who have been magically imbued with knowledge during their lifetime. In order for these weapons to be found they must first be dropped by enemies but sometimes you don’t always know where those elusive drops will come from so we’ve created a guide on how to craft our favorite Daedric Weaponry!

The “skyrim alchemy recipes” are a set of recipes that can be found in the game. The recipes allow players to craft and find Daedric weapons.

Daedric weapons are among Skyrim’s most formidable weaponry. They have the most basic damage of any weapons in the game, even in their unenchanted forms. No Dragonborn can ignore them because they are so strong. Our tutorial will teach you how to make Daedric weapons and where to locate them in Skyrim.

In Skyrim, there are eight different kinds of Daedric weaponry, including combat weapons like a sword and hammer, as well as ranged weapons like a bow. To get the most out of the bow, you’ll need to make unique Daedric arrows.

How to Make Daedric Weapons and Where to Find Them in Skyrim

Locations of Daedric Weapons


As soon as you reach Level 47 in Skyrim, daedric weapons become accessible.

Dremora Merchant, who becomes available after you finish the “Black Book: Untold Legends” quest at the Apocrypha plane in Oblivion, is the easiest method to receive a Daedric weapon.

The following are the prices for each Daedric weapon:

  • 500 gold Daedric Dagger is a character in the game Daedric Dagger
  • 1,250 gold for the Sword of the Daedric
  • 2.750 gold Battleaxe of the Daedric
  • 2,500 gold for a Bow of Daedric
  • 2,500 gold Greatsword of Daedric
  • 1750 gold Mace of Daedric
  • 1,500 gold War Axe of the Daedric
  • 4,000 gold for a Warhammer of the Daedric
  • 8 gold Arrow of the Daedric

Niranye, a merchant in Windhelm, Eastmarch (marked by the blue point on the map above), or Tonilia, a thief in The Ragged Flagon Cistern, The Rift, are both good places to get Daedric Bow (indicated by the green marker on the map above).

After Level 47, you may find more random Daedric weapons in monster boxes, treasure from renowned and legendary dragons, and even prizes from random missions.

Making Daedric Armour

Daedric weapons, like Daedric armor, may be made by either smithing or conjuring.


To use the blacksmith’s forge to make Daedric weapons, you must attain smithing level 90 and gain the Daedric Smithing perk.

All Daedric weapon making recipes are listed below:

Weapon Ingot of Ebony Heart of Daedra Strips of leather Firewood
Daedric Dagger 1 1 1
Daedric Sword 2 1 1
Daedric Battleaxe 5 1 2
Daedric Bow 3 1 1
Daedric Greatsword 5 1 3
Daedric Mace 3 1 1
Daedric War Axe 2 1 2
Daedric Warhammer 5 1 3
Daedric Arrow 1 1 1



You must attain Conjuring Level 90 in order to conjure Daedric weapons in the Atronach Forge.

To create a Daedric weapon, use this recipe:

  • Sigil Stone (one)
  • Daedra Heart (one)
  • Ebony Weapon (one)
  • Centurion Dynamo Core (one)
  • 1x Gem of Black Soul

To manufacture a random Daedric weapon with random enchantment, use this crafting recipe:

  • Sigil Stone (one)
  • Daedra Heart (one)
  • 1 piece of ebony ingot
  • 1x Sword of Silver
  • a single soul gem

Once you achieve Conjuration Level 90, you may purchase Sigil Stone from Phinis Gestor at College of Winterhold. You will get a Sigil Stone as a reward for completing the “Conjuration Ritual Spell” task by speaking with Phinis.

Daedra Hearts may be gained in a variety of methods, all of which are detailed in our guide.

With the Ebony Smithing perk, Ebony weapons may be produced at smithing level 80. Slaying Bandit Chiefs and Draugr Deathlords who guard Word Walls is another way to get them. Here are some prospective sites for them:

  • Solstheim’s Bloodskal Barrow
  • Hjaalmarch, you’ve lost Valkygg.
  • The Reach of Valthume
  • Solstheim’s Miraak Temple
  • Haafingar, Volskygge

Centurion Dynamo Cores may be taken from Dwarven Centurions, Dwarven Spheres, and Falmer, and can be discovered within Dwemer ruins. Here are some prospective sites for them:

  • The Rift’s Aetherium Forge
  • The Reach, Arkngthamz
  • Eastmarch, Kagrenzel
  • Shalidor’s Maze is a labyrinthine maze.
  • Solstheim’s Nchardak
  • The Pale, Mzinchaleft

Black Soul Gems are dropped by Necromancers, Giants, Hagravens, Forsworn Briarhearts, and Draugrs, and may be found in chests and caves.

Beginning at Level 27, Ebony Ingots may be acquired for 150 gold coins from merchants and blacksmiths. Ebony ingots may also be smelted from Ebony ore, which can be found at the following locations:

  • Eastmarch’s Gloombound Mine
  • The Rift’s Redbelly Mine
  • Solstheim’s Raven Rock Mine

After defeating a member of the Silver Hand faction, which can mainly be found at Driftshade Refuge, Winterhold, and Gallows Rock, Eastmarch, Silver Sword may be gained. Silver Sword may also be found in Haafingar’s Castle Volkihar.

Mages, magic merchants, and court wizards may all provide regular soul gems. Soul gems may also be mined from the geode veins in Blackreach, Winterhold.

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That’s all there is to know about crafting and finding Daedric weaponry in Skyrim. Consider visiting the links above for more Skyrim tips and tricks articles.

Skyrim is a game that has taken over the hearts of many gamers. There are many different weapons in the game, but some are more difficult to find than others. This blog will give you information on how to craft and find daedric weapons. Reference: skyrim crafting materials id.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you go to craft in Skyrim?

A: I dont know what you mean.

How do you make weapons in Skyrim?

A: There are a couple of ways to make weapons in Skyrim. One way is by finding a suitable ore and smelting it, which will result in an ingot that you can then use as the basis for your weapons crafting bench. Another way is through enchanting items with special materials such as daedra hearts or dragon souls, though this does come at the cost of having low health due to be being constantly drained from these sources.

How do you craft in Elder Scrolls?

A: To craft, you will need a recipe and an ingredient. The ingredients can be obtained by using an alchemy lab or buying them from vendors. If the item is not found in-game then it may be crafted with any crafting material that has been discovered to work on that particular item.

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