A guide to collectibles, weapons and starting locations in Sniper Elite 5. These can be used as a reference while playing the game or for when you are looking back on your favorite kills from all of your sniping missions.

The “sniper elite 5 war factory walkthrough” is a guide that provides information on where to find the collectibles and starting locations in Sniper Elite 5.

Fortunately, War Factory returns to a less disorganized level layout for Sniper Elite 5 and is a little simpler to explore than the Spy Academy. Similar to the other maps, there are 19 valuables hidden on this one, including workbenches, letters, papers, and stone eagles. There are also two extra beginning points to locate. 

Instead than moving counterclockwise like we did for Missions 2 and 3, we’ll go clockwise for this instruction. The Resistance Safehouse, the mission’s original starting point, is now located towards the northwest of the map rather than the south as it was in the previous three missions due to a modest change in the map’s architecture.

Starting Places and War Factory Collectibles


Klaus! You Fool! First personal letter


From the Resistance Safehouse, zipline down, then turn left to cross the top of the dam. The first chamber on the right is the one you should enter after entering the second building. On the desk to the left of the room, you may find this private note.

The Tension (Personal Letter 2)


Leave that structure and proceed along the dam’s top. After climbing some steps, pass the little railway and continue beyond it. The pump/generator building is the one directly across the tracks. Enter, then make your way to the northern side of the pump control room on the top level. This letter is on a radio near a desk in the room’s rear left corner.

Not Another Game (Classified Document 1)


The Scrapyard is to the east of the pump/generator building. Turn left after passing the guard tower (northeast). You can see a tiny stack of wooden beams with a floodlight behind it just beyond a backhoe if you go over the rear end of the train car. On the stack of beams is this intelligence.

Starting Point for Scrapyard Overlook


Continue northeast while crossing the train tracks from the classified paper. Two red and green locomotives will be seen. Interact with the campfire that is located between the cliff and the left locomotive.

Up the security! (Classified Document 2)


Continue on from there into the Refinery to the southeast. Go up the ramp after passing through the roll-up door. Turn right at the top of the steps, then left to go back down. To reach the opposite side, turn left.

Pick the lock on the first door on the left after taking the route to the right and going down several steps. The next chamber is directly via the control room. On a desk on the other side of the room, there is this paper.

Gun Workbench


The armory is two doors down on the left after leaving the refinery control room. The soldier nearby wearing a camouflage helmet has the key on him. Inside is the workbench.

Your Orders Are Ready (Personal Letter 3)


Enter the structure that is situated just west of the refinery. You can see a ladder climbing in the southwest corner of the rear. You can see a door with a two-barred white cross next to it behind it. In front of the entrance, on a box, lies this letter.

Bench For Rifles


Pick the lock on the door at the top after climbing the ladder marked with the letter. When you enter the area, turn to the right to locate a ladder that descends to a hidden armory containing this workbench.

Waste of Time (Personal Letter 4)


Leave this structure and go to the Steelworks, the structure to the south. Turn left (east) as you enter to find the Kontrollraum, which has a ladder to the right of the entrance. The second-story room’s desk in the center is where you’ll discover this private note after climbing the ladder.

Platinum Pocket Watch (Personal Item 1)


A pocket watch belonging to an officer has been lost at the Scrapyard, according to Losing Time. When you pick up this piece of intelligence, the object doesn’t seem to suddenly emerge. Back at the Scrapyard, a marker shows up on your map, but the watch is not located exactly where the marker is.

Instead, it’s atop a stack of steel adjacent to the generator and the area’s alarm, which are both to the east of the watchtower that’s most in close proximity to the pump/generator structure.

Sheer’s Diary (Personal Letter 5)


Enter the western-facing control room on the third level of the Furnace. On the radio table in the far right corner, there is a letter.

One Stone Eagle


Utilize the furnace’s south side to exit. Look straight over to the far side of the complex; there is a structure to the right of the two smokestacks on the left, before you descend the steps to the road. On a column to the left, there is an eagle.

Plans for P.1000 Ratte (Personal Item 2)


Now go southwest to the huge rectangular structure in the Reservoir that is seen on the map’s border. Take the stairs at the building’s southwest corner, then go to the far end by following the platform there. This is on a cart in front of a double orange door. You might potentially get this right before you infiltrate.

Orders Shipping (Classified Document 3)


This secret document is a goal in the shipping warehouse and is on the vital route. It is located in the safe on the south side of the warehouse’s second floor.

Plating in stealth (Personal Item 3)


This private moment is situated in the center of a stack of brown and black boxes on the ground level of the shipping warehouse.

Workbench SMG


Leave the cargo warehouse going north. Go to the white and brick home by the artillery across the yard with the crane and building supplies. To go to the chamber on the second floor, climb the ladder on the north side and unlock the door.

Beginning Location for the Trainyard Office and Ehrlich’s Done For (Personal Letter 6)


Head directly west after leaving the structure that houses the workbench. To get to the Trainyard Office, pass via the alleyway beside the garage with the APC out front and cross the train tracks. To access the beginning site, open the door on the right side of the station, and take the letter from a desk inside, on the right.

2 Stone Eagle


Turn left as you exit the Trainyard Office after leaving it. Take a look through the wire on the wall’s hole. The second stone eagle is located on the left side of an ancient castle tower that is directly across from you.

3 Stone Eagle


In order to view the roof of the furnace building in the distance, turn around and travel slightly to the left. The third stone eagle may be found by looking slightly right and down from the center.

Oaf the bureaucracy! (Classified Document 4)


Follow the tracks northward, then ascend the steps you come to at the top. At the top, turn right and climb the ladder near the little red-brick pumphouse. Grab this top-secret paper from the desk inside by entering the door up ahead (the one with the yellow U.boot sign to the right of it).

In War Factory, the fourth objective of Sniper Elite 5, they are all the collectibles and their placements. Visit our SE5 tips page for additional tutorials, including further walkthroughs for The Atlantic Wall and Occupied Residence.

The “sniper elite 5” is a game that has been released on the PC and consoles. A guide to all of the collectibles and starting locations in this game.

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