What is the culture of a team? Is it one thing or many things that make them such as successful unit. How does this impact players and coaches on teams, and how can we best measure if your team has a winning culture?

“Some teams have that culture, and some teams don’t.” This is a quote from the article “Multicultural Teams” by Adam Grant. The article talks about how multicultural teams are more successful in their work.

'Some Teams Have That Culture, And Some Teams Don't'

What’s going on with the Cardinals in Arizona? The team had a strong start to the 2021 NFL season before hobbling (literally and metaphorically) to the finish line. Then came the offseason, and things got very messed up. This involves a squabble between the organization and Kyler Murray, the franchise quarterback.

Former Cardinals running back Chase Edmunds, who just signed with the Miami Dolphins, reportedly said that the issue is simply that the whole business is a disaster.

The 2021 Arizona Cardinals season began well but ended miserably.

It felt fantastic to be an Arizona Cardinal in Week 7 of the 2021 NFL season. The club was 7-0, the NFL’s last unbeaten team. The defense was on fire, and quarterback Kyler Murray was a strong contender for MVP. In the desert, everything was fine.

Kyler Murray was injured the next week in a 24-21 defeat to the Green Bay Packers and would miss the next three games. The Cardinals finished the season with a 4-6 record in their last ten games. They had to sneak into the playoffs via the back door as a No. 5 seed.

The Cardinals were subsequently blasted out of the playoffs 34-11 by the Los Angeles Rams. After then, the strangeness started in earnest.

More than a week after the loss, CBS Sports insider Jason La Canfora tweeted, “Arizona Cardinals ownership definitely not pleased with how season ended. Hearing coaches yet to receive their playoff bonuses.”

Owner Michael Bidwill eventually paid the coaches, but it wasn’t a pleasant way to start the 2022 offseason. To get back on track, the club renewed head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s and general manager Steve Keim’s contracts until 2027.

What followed was a social media blitz by Murray, who seemed to be irritated that his rookie contract — which still had one full year and a fifth-year option — hadn’t been taken care of first.

That’s where the Cardinals stand as the NFL draft approaches. And two former players seem to know who is to blame.

The Arizona Cardinals’ culture was shattered by Chase Edmunds.

Quarterback Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals scrambles with the football alongside running back and now former teammate Chase Edmonds

Quarterback Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals scrambles with the football alongside running back and now former teammate Chase Edmonds Kyler Murray and Chase Edmonds | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Now that former Arizona Cardinals running back Chase Edmonds is a Miami Dolphin, he seems to be more comfortable sharing his thoughts on the team’s current state.

He recently joined Bryant McFadden and former Cardinal great Patrick Peterson on the All Things Covered podcast. The presenters questioned the runner about the current state of the Kyler Murray problem.

With the “drama” inside the brand and the way the past two seasons ended so badly, Edmonds said it “wasn’t unexpected.” He also believes Murray should do what he has to do in order to get paid similarly to other elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

As Edmonds continued to discuss the Cardinals’ structure, he alluded to larger organizational issues including “culture.” He spoke about the team’s second-half collapses the previous two years under Kliff Kingsbury, saying:

That, I believe, was formed by culture. When you see clubs in the NFL with a strong culture, such as the Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, and San Francisco 49ers. Those teams, regardless of how good they seem from top to bottom, always manage to win games. … It’s almost as though certain teams have that culture and others don’t. It might sometimes begin at the top and end at the bottom. It assumes its rightful position. But I believe that’s what it was like for us. We just didn’t — 

The Arizona Cardinals’ culture, according to Chase Edmonds

McFadden interrupted Edmonds’ thinking before he could complete it, but he got his point over. Peterson, Edmond’s former teammate, agreed, saying the organization did not do enough to maintain its finest player. Chandler Jones and Calais Campbell, for example, are two defenders he listed as examples.

All of this is bad news for Cardinals fans looking for a fast and clear conclusion to the Kyler Murray saga that doesn’t extend into the regular season in 2022. If Edmonds’ claims are correct, additional squabbles between the team and the quarterback appear inescapable.

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