Techland’s sequel to the popular dystopian zombie game, Dying Light 2 is coming this year. The original game sparked a lot of controversy with how realistic it could be in terms of graphics and gameplay. Techland has released a new video showcasing some impressive graphical upgrades for their upcoming release.

Techland has released a new video that shows off the graphics in Dying Light 2. The game will be co-op and will have a campaign mode as well as a multiplayer mode. Techland is also planning to release more videos with different aspects of the game.

Techland Shows Off Dying Light 2 Graphics Comparison and Co-Op Play



Techland showed off a brief Dying Light 2 graphics comparison in the final episode of Dying 2 Know, alongside a short glimpse at Dying Light 2 co-op play.

The Dying Light 2 comparison shows the game running on PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, PlayStation 5, and then Xbox Series X, and the results are pretty much what you’d expect. Dying Light 2 on PS4 looks solid and seems to run smoothly, and the most notable part of it is just how much more colorful Dying Light 2 looks in general compared to its 50 shades of brown predecessor. Those colors and textures shine just a bit more on Xbox One X.

As you’d imagine, PlayStation 5 provides them an even larger boost with more detail and polish. However, Dying Light 2 seems to follow the pattern of third-party games appearing marginally better on the Xbox Series X edition, with everything being slightly sharper.

Dying Light 2 was not seen operating on the Nintendo Switch through cloud in the trailer.

If you and your pals are playing Dying Light 2 on the same console, you may also team up for some co-op fun. Techland only showed a little portion of the game, but it entailed carefully spreading your party members out to cope with swarms and remain alive longer.

Dying Light 2 will be released on PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch through the cloud on February 4th. Check out the debut trailer below if you can’t wait till then to see more.


Watch This Video-

The “dying light 2 trailer” is a tech demo that shows off the graphics for Dying Light 2. Techland has also released gameplay footage of co-op play in the game.

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