The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are an NFL team that has had a very difficult time breaking into the national spotlight in recent years, despite having one of the league’s best (and most fun) fanbases. Usually this fanbase has come up short in the post season, where they have been eliminated by the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII (I was a member of the Atlanta Falcons fan base in that game), nearly eliminated by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL, and have twice been eliminated by the NY Giants in Super Bowls XXXVII and XXXVIII. Their last Super Bowl appearance was a crushing defeat at the hands of the NY Giants in Super Bowl XXXVII, and now, it seems that their fans may have one last chance to be

The San Diego Chargers may have had a disappointing 2017 season, but that doesn’t mean their future is in doubt. After all, they have an elite quarterback in the making in the shape of USC’s star freshman QB, Justin Herbert.

The Los Angeles Chargers are in trouble when Justin Herbert gives even one pass of significance to Alex Stern.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing who Stern, a graduate of the University of Virginia, is or even what position he holds. Just know that this is someone who can play a big role in making the Chargers a perennial playoff contender. Don’t expect to see Stern on the field or on the sidelines anytime soon, though.

Chargers hire Alex Stern as data analyst

Business analytics : The Chargers will hire Alex Stern as an analyst, according to the source. Stern was a finalist in the Big Data Bowl 2020 student competition.

– Seth Walder (@SethWalder) July 9, 2021

The Chargers are using every means possible to finally reach the Super Bowl for the first time in over 25 years.

A year after Herbert was elected sixth, the Chargers added another young face to the organization. The team recently hired Stern, who spent the 2020 season as an intern for the Virginia football team, as a data analyst.

In February 2020, Stern participated in the Big Data Bowl, an analyst competition sponsored by the NFL. His work earned him a spot among the six finalists at this year’s NFL Combine, where he presented his work on offensive linemen and their salaries to 31 of the league’s 32 teams.

When he was at UVA, Stern used analytics to scout and find talent through the transfer portal. It is unclear if he will have similar duties in the NFL as a free agent scout and practice squad player.

Sterns knowledge and methods may prove important to Justin Herbert and his teammates of.

The Los Angeles Chargers have hired Alex Stern, a brilliant young data analyst, to help Justin Herbert and his teammates finally win the Super Bowl.

Even in 2021, it’s incredibly easy to think ofMoneyballwhen talking about analysis and sabrology or during a broadcast.

Over the past decade, professional sports teams have embraced these advanced statistics, and the Chargers clearly see enough in Stern to take over. He understands the business side of football and will bring a very different perspective than those with a traditional background.

His knowledge of the offensive line could prove particularly useful if the Chargers hope to keep Herbert happy and healthy. In a 2020 interview with UVA Today, Stern explained how he wrote an algorithm that determines how much space each offensive lineman creates for the running back on each play.

If z. B. Your left defender makes a lot of space for the running defender, it means nothing. It may have been a run to the far left, the defenders were spread out (they didn’t expect the offense to run) and they were facing the worst defense in the NFL. You can expect him to create space in this situation.

Alex Star

Gone are the days when offensive linemen were judged primarily on penalties and points scored. If the Chargers have one of the best offensive line in the league in 2021, expect Stern to get some of the praise behind the scenes.

Herbert and the Chargers have big dreams for 2021

Highest number of rookie touchdowns
Highest number of rookie completions
Rookie Offensive Player of the Year 2020

Happy birthday to Justin Herbert!

– NFL (@NFL) March 10, 2021

Herbert and the Chargers’ potential path to greatness began with an unexpected injury to Tyrod Taylor before the start of Week 2 against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

After being named Offensive Rookie of the Year, Herbert will return in 2021. The Chargers are his team, and they are already one of the hottest candidates for the postseason in the competitive AFC.

Asking Herbert to win the AFC West division over Mahomes and the Chiefs is probably too difficult at this point. Not only do the Chiefs have arguably their best quarterback (Mahomes) and tight end (Travis Kelce), but they also have a revamped offensive line that keeps Mahomes healthy.

However, don’t be surprised if Herbert and the Chargers make the playoffs this season as a reserve. With Herbert’s hand and Stern’s input, this is a team that could quickly become a fixture on television every week.

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