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‘The Game Is Not That Difficult’

In their shock defeat to the San Francisco 49ers, the Dallas Cowboys laid an egg. Mike McCarthy’s team didn’t show up for the game, and it showed. Watching the game, Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Troy Aikman was dissatisfied, particularly seeing CeeDee Lamb play such a little role. Cowboys icon Jerry Jones chastised the club for dropping the ball with one of their greatest players.

Troy Aikman criticizes the Cowboys’ offensive strategy.

Troy Aikman walks the field before a game; Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb warms up during a game

Troy Aikman walks the field before a game; Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb warms up during a game Stacy Revere/Getty Images; CeeDee Lamb of the Dallas Cowboys on the sideline during a game against the Washington Football Team | Wesley Hitt/Getty Images; Hall of Famer Troy Aikman looks on before a game at Lambeau Field | Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Troy Aikman was already irritated about missing out on the Cowboys-49ers game. The renowned quarterback’s day was made much more difficult by Dallas’ defeat.

Aikman stood by and watched as his former squad faltered in the NFL playoffs. While he was dissatisfied with a number of things, he couldn’t get his mind around CeeDee Lamb’s contribution to the offense.

The former Cowboys quarterback recently spoke with 96.7 The Ticket about the defeat. He expressed his dissatisfaction with Dallas’ offensive strategy against the 49ers’ defense.

“They threw in some covering,” Aikman said. “However, CeeDee Lamb received a lot of single publicity. I used to play, and I despise going back to it. A lot of these criminals seek to concoct elaborate schemes. It’s all about strategy for the coordinators. ‘This corner is playing soft,’ rather than ‘This corner is playing soft.’ ‘He’s terrified to death.’

According to Troy Aikman, the Cowboys should have taken advantage of Lamb’s mismatches.

“All you have to do now is run the route tree,” he continued. “Run anything you want. You may finish the pass anytime you wish. If they had played us as they did CeeDee Lamb, [Michael] Irvin would have had ten receptions before halftime.”

Against the 49ers, CeeDee Lamb should’ve had a bigger role.

On five targets from Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb ended the game with one catch for 21 yards. That is unacceptably unacceptably unacceptably unacceptably unacceptably unaccept

During the regular season, the Oklahoma product caught 79 catches for 1,102 yards and six touchdowns. He’s the team’s finest wide receiver and one of the most talented young pass catchers in the league today.

Troy Aikman feels offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and head coach Mike McCarthy over-analyzed things and attempted to defeat the 49ers with system.

“It’s not a tough game,” Aikman added. “Throw him the ball if I have a fantastic wide receiver and a CB is playing him single coverage. He’ll win the most of the time. That’s what they do with Davante Adams in Green Bay.”

Lamb has the capacity to change the course of a game. Prescott did target him five times. However, as Dallas discovered the hard way, it won’t cut it in the playoffs.

Cedrick Wilson had twice as many targets as CeeDee Lamb (10). The Cowboys failed to put the ball in the hands of their best playmakers, which is a prescription for success.

After a disappointing season, there’s enough of blame to go around.

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The Dallas Cowboys’ hype train became stronger as the season progressed. They completed with a 12-5 record, good enough for first place in the NFC East. Even still, misgivings were legitimate until they showed themselves in the playoffs.

The naysayers were undoubtedly validated when they saw Dallas lose to San Francisco. From the first kickoff, it clear that the 49ers were the team that wanted to win the most. The Cowboys were caught flat-footed and never recovered.

So who bears the brunt of the responsibility for the baffling performance?

There’s enough of fault to go around. Mike McCarthy, the head coach, is to blame for his team’s lack of preparation. Kellen Moore, the offensive coordinator, is to fault for the system. CeeDee Lamb should’ve been more engaged, as Troy Aikman urged.

While the coaching staff deserves criticism, the players deserve just as much, if not more. The fans rushing into AT&T Stadium seemed more excited for the game than the actual players. Those suiting up have to execute regardless of how the coaches call the game. Dak Prescott didn’t play his best game, nor did cornerback Trevon Diggs. The list goes on.

Under duress, the Cowboys gave up. This was a huge setback, bringing another year’s worth of promise to a close.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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