The Green Bay Packers are continuing to rebuild their quarterback situation with Jordan Love, which has left fans of the team split. Aaron Rodgers is still on the roster for now, but some say that he will be forgotten soon if this keeps up.

The Green Bay Packers are finding themselves in a tough spot. Aaron Rodgers is out for the season with an injury, and they’re not sure if he’ll be back next year. They’ve put their support behind backup QB Jordan Love, who had to wait patiently for his chance. “We got your back”, the Packers said on Twitter.

Jordan Love, the Green Bay Packers’ second-year quarterback, is in a difficult situation as the Packers prepare to face the Kansas City Chiefs.

Love was taken No. 26 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft by the Packers, however he has never started an NFL game. He’s never played in a regular-season game, for that matter. Until today, backing up Aaron Rodgers may have resulted in that.

He was inactive for the whole of his rookie season in 2020 and only appeared in two preseason games in 2021. During one offseason when Rodgers was away from the club, Love got all of the first-team snaps, but that’s about all Love can say about his relationship with the first team.

He now faces a significant challenge. The Packers will face Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in Kansas City, one of the most difficult locations to play.

For the Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love will have to step up and perform.

Green Bay Packers' QB Jordan Love

Green Bay Packers' QB Jordan Love Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love #10 warms up before an NFL game at State Farm Stadium | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Despite the fact that he is in his second season in the NFL, Love is still considered a rookie. Until Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19, the Utah State product was the future Hall of Famer’s backup and watched the game from the sidelines. He’s led Green Bay’s scout squad and done all he can to absorb Matt LaFleur’s broad but successful playbook.

Love will have to transition from the scout squad to the first team with Rodgers out for at least one game owing to the league’s coronavirus guidelines.

When questioned about Love’s preparedness to start, LaFleur told the club website, “There’s certainly a comfort level in terms of simply being able to spit out the play calls, the entire operation.” “It’s going to come down to his ability to perform on the field.”

Executing the plays he knows will be easier said than done against a legitimate NFL defense looking to ruin his debut. For what it’s worth, he’ll be up against a squad that has struggled in the past.

Kansas City’s defense is rated 28th in the league heading into Week 9’s clash. The Chiefs are allowing 27.5 points per game and 15 passing touchdowns this season, putting them at the bottom of the league.

Green Bay’s rushing attack will aid Love.

@ajdillon7’s response regarding the sort of leader #Packers QB Jordan Love is and how learning from Aaron Rodgers has aided him in his year and a half in Green Bay was fantastic.

“He may not have started an NFL game, but he’s a natural leader.”

November 4, 2021 — Kyle Malzhan (@KyleMalzhan)

If LaFleur is as smart as he has shown, he’ll do all he can to get Green Bay’s rushing game going early and frequently against the Chiefs.

Allowing a new quarterback to get into the offense’s flow by passing the ball off and working ahead of the sticks is the greatest method to make his life simpler. A solid running game is a quarterback’s greatest buddy, and this is especially true for a rookie quarterback.

Aaron Jones, the outstanding running back, seems to be a solid advocate for Love. Jones, one of the league’s best running backs, commented about Love’s first start and promised to be there for the rookie quarterback.

“I’ll be there for him in any way I can,” Jones added, “just as I know the other nine men in the huddle will be.” “We don’t know what it’ll be like out there, but just let him know before the game, ‘Hey, just go play free, play your game,’ as he’s done since he was a small boy. There’s no need to go above and beyond. ‘We’ve got your back,’ says the narrator.

Jones’ presence in Love’s corner might prove to be the Packers’ hidden weapon. This season, he’s run for 463 yards and three touchdowns on 4.5 yards per carry. Because of his incredible ability to pick up yards even when it seems like nothing is there, he’ll keep the Packers in 2nd and 3rd down situations. This will make things simpler for the young quarterback in the long run, and it should also boost his confidence.

Around Love, there will be no scarcity of assault weaponry.

QB Jordan Love of the Green Bay Packers

QB Jordan Love of the Green Bay Packers During the first quarter against the Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers #10 Jordan Love looks to hand the ball off | Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Love is one of the few young quarterbacks with the offensive firepower that he possesses. The majority of first-round quarterback choices wind up on terrible teams in an attempt to turn around a failing organization. Love, like Rodgers before him, was picked by a strong Packers team looking to the future.

The parallels between the two tales are uncanny, and although Love may never reach the Hall of Fame, he will have plenty of fans in his debut season.

Davante Adams has been released from the reserve/COVID-19 list and is likely to play against the Chiefs. Rodgers’ favorite target and the best wide receiver in the NFL is Adams. Despite missing Green Bay’s final game, he has caught 52 catches for 744 yards and three touchdowns this season. Few rookie quarterbacks have the opportunity to play with a wideout of Adams’ quality, and his skill should help Love look good against the Chiefs.

Despite having to swap guys in and out due to injuries during the season, Green Bay boasts one of the strongest offensive lines in football. In the run game, Green Bay’s linemen are tremendous beasts, and they’ve gone a long way against the pass rush. Despite his natural position as a center or guard, Elgton Jenkins is doing well as left tackle for the Packers. Jenkins is capable of playing center, guard, and tackle in the NFL. He made the Pro Bowl in just his second NFL season and is on his way to making another. Billy Turner, the right tackle, is also one of the game’s more complete blocks, giving Love two bookends to lean on as the nerves of facing his first genuine NFL pass rush set in. In addition, the inexperienced quarterback will have to traverse Arrowhead Stadium, which is one of the most difficult venues to play in for any opponent.

Looking forward to the game, LaFleur noted, “It’s not an easy place to play.” “You’re talking about one of the National Football League’s loudest stadiums.” It’ll be a fantastic task for us against a squad that has won back-to-back Super Bowls.”

The Packers will have a huge test at Kansas City, particularly with Love making his first start.

However, it seems like the young quarterback is being set up for success, and he will have the chance to prove a lot of people wrong with one of the finest quarterbacks in the NFL on the other sideline and a future Hall of Famer watching from home.

Whatever happens, he’ll have the comfort of knowing that his teammates are rooting for him.

ESPN and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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