After spending the first two days of practice at the Senior Bowl in preparation for his upcoming Senior Bowl game in Mobile, Alabama, former Clemson running back James Davis was named the game’s MVP on Saturday. Davis ran for a combined 81 yards and two touchdowns in the South team’s 29-13 win, helping the South end the week with a 2-1 record.

When he was just a baby, Richard Westbrook was already showing speed on the football field, and he has never looked back. When he was just a baby, Richard Westbrook was already showing speed on the football field, and he has never looked back. The Trumbull, CT native has been a football star since the age of 7, and he has one heck of a resume by now. His career has taken him all over the country, from the Chicago Cubs to the New York Jets to the New Orleans Saints to the Washington Redskins, before finally settling down at Kansas City Chiefs, where he has spent the last two years.

It was June of last year, for second year running, and the NHL playoffs were in full swing, when an 18-year-old phenom took his speed to a whole new level. By the end of the regular season, the kid’s name was pretty much a household name. On December 21st, he broke a record that had stood for a decade. In the second round of the playoffs, he was the fastest skater in the League. It was quickly becoming apparent that this was no ordinary high school or college kid. His name was Auston Matthews.

With the 29th selection in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers selected cornerback Eric Stokes. With height, length, and speed, the Georgia product has everything scouts look for. Stokes has already made an impression on at least one of his new Packers teammates. Davante Adams compared the youngster to Jaire Alexander and Sam Shields, two of the finest cornerbacks he’s seen in Green Bay.

Alexander, who is rated No. 41 in the NFL Top 100, has started on the Packers’ outer defense since his rookie season and has evolved into one of the league’s finest defensive backs. Before a series of injuries drove Shields out of Green Bay and ultimately the NFL, the Miami wide receiver-turned-corner had a successful career.

Based on what Adams has seen of Stokes, the Packers rookie has both traits and is on his way to being a top defensive back in the league.

Aaron Rodgers-Davante Adams Training Camp was attended by Eric Stokes.

Eric Stokes of the Green Bay Packers works out during training camp.

Eric Stokes of the Green Bay Packers works out during training camp. Green Bay Packers’ Eric Stokes works out during training camp. | Getty Images/Stacy Revere

Adams and Rodgers have gone straight at inexperienced corners during practice over the past several seasons as Adams has developed into maybe the league’s finest wideout. It’s a trial by fire, but instead of waiting to confront the heat against opposition offenses, the Rodgers-Adams duo terrorizes Packers rookies.

Early in training camp, Stokes had some difficulty covering Adams, but the seven-year veteran has already seen improvements in the 22-year-old, as he said in a post-practice interview:

“From what I’ve seen so far, he’s the closest thing to Jaire in terms of attitude and abilities. The child is lightning quick. He can take a beating and bounce back, much like Sam Shields.

“What I see from him appeals to me.”

During training camp, Davante Adams reflected on rookie cornerback Eric Stokes’ progress.

Stokes’ greatest quality is his speed, which has pleased Adams.

Eric Stokes is a favorite of Davante Adams. He was compared to Jaire Alexander in terms of attitude and abilities. After being fried early in camp, Said Stokes, like Jaire in 2018, came to Adams and asked what he could do differently and how he could improve.

August 19, 2021 — Matt Schneidman (@mattschneidman)

As Adams said, Stokes possesses the same quickness as Shields when it comes to recovering from errors.

According to, Stokes was more of a track standout than a football player in high school. His speed gave him a weapon on the field, but he thrived as a sprinter right out of the gate. Stokes won the state title in the 100-meter dash with a time of 10.39 seconds. In addition, he was a state winner in the 200 meter dash.

Adams has been placed on notice as a result of his pace. During the same post-practice interview, the Fresno State product recalled beating Shields on a route in practice only to have the corner appear out of nowhere and force an incompletion.

The Packers defense is poised to take a big step forward if Stokes performs like Alexander or Shields.

Green Bay has had a difficult time finding a starting corner opposite Alexander. After a dearth of suitors in free agency, Kevin King was brought back on a one-year contract, although he has a lengthy history of ailments. In the closing seconds of the first half of last season’s NFC Championship Game, he was beat on a play against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. It wasn’t the only factor in the Packers’ failure to reach the Super Bowl, but it was a significant one.

Stokes now has a chance to shine. Green Bay has a real chance at being one of the best defenders in the NFL if Adams and Rodgers continue to torment him in practice and the youngster continues to develop.

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