The Las Vegas Raiders are still mired in mediocrity after their decades-long search for a competent head coach. They fired Dennis Allen after just one season, then hired Greg Olson. Now, they have fired Olson, replacing him with former Raiders head coach, the legendary Tom Flores. Many fans are upset about this move, as it seems to indicate that the Raiders are trying to make a quick strike at the NFL, rather than build a long-term successful franchise.

As the NFL draft approached, it was a foregone conclusion that the Raiders were going to add a player who wouldn’t even be a first-round pick. That player was quarterback Geno Smith.


Under general manager Mike Mayock, the Las Vegas Raiders have been a difficult club. Things in Nevada don’t seem to be getting any better after yet another contentious roster decision.

With Week 1 just around the horizon, the Raiders announced that linebacker Tanner Muse will be released.

Muse, a 2020 third-round selection out of Clemson, missed his rookie season due to a toe injury. Muse, though, spent much of training camp as a starter and important special teams player for the Raiders after rehabilitating this summer.

Tanner Muse, a linebacker with the Las Vegas Raiders, was unexpectedly dismissed.

Tanner Muse, a linebacker with the #Raiders, has been waived, according to a source.

Muse was drafted in the third round out of Clemson in 2020. Due to a toe injury, he missed his whole rookie season, although he received starter repetitions throughout camp and was a key special teamer.

September 6, 2021 — Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero)

Despite the fact that Muse has yet to play an official NFL snap during the regular season, the Raiders’ decision to dismiss him is surprising. With the signings of K.J. Wright and Denzel Perryman, the Raiders have a reasonably deep linebacker corps, but Muse is still a recent third-round selection. It’s unusual for a front office to abandon a player so quickly.

What’s more unexpected is Muse’s previously stated special teams position, which he allegedly built out for himself throughout training camp. Even if the Raiders were hesitant to retain Muse on the roster as an every-down starter, his skill on special teams seems to be a no-brainer. It’s not uncommon for rookie defenders to win their way onto the defense by first proving themselves on special teams.

Muse was not even given the chance to do so. Not with the Raiders, at least.

GM Mike Mayock’s choice reflects badly on him.

Mayock on having three third-round choices available before the 2020 draft: “It’s the same as snatching three picks in the third. If we perform our duties well, we should be able to add three additional starters.” Muse seems to be joining Lynn Bowden as a #Raiders rookie with zero snaps.

September 6, 2021 — Josh Dubow (@JoshDubowAP)

Between general manager Mike Mayock and head coach Jon Gruden, it’s unclear who has the greatest say in personnel choices. Mayock, on the other hand, seems to bear the most of the responsibility for Muse’s demise.

Mayock is not only in charge of roster changes, but he is also renowned for boasting about owning three third-round choices in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Another player who is no longer on the Raiders’ 53-man roster, Lynn Bowden, was chosen with one of those selections by Mayock.

Mayock squandered two third-round choices on Muse and Bowden, both of whom never played a regular-season snap for the Raiders. That’s humiliating.

After this season, the Raiders may split ways with Mayock.

Tanner Muse at Las Vegas Raiders training camp.

Tanner Muse at Las Vegas Raiders training camp. Former Raiders linebacker Steve Marcus/Getty Images/Tanner Muse

Under Mayock and Gruden’s leadership, the Raiders have been a disappointment, and it seems that change may arrive in Las Vegas sooner rather than later. Due to Gruden’s long contract, firing him appears unlikely, while Mayock’s seat is much warmer.

The Raiders dismissing Mayock after the 2021 season is fair, given the team’s overall lack of success and poor mismanagement of the squad. If the Raiders don’t reach the playoffs, it’s almost a given conclusion that someone in the head office in Vegas will be fired.

Cutting a previous third-round pick may seem to be a trivial point on which to make such big statements. However, this is only the latest in a long line of events that have occurred under Mayock’s leadership. Whether they want to acknowledge it or not, the Raiders are on the wrong track. Firing their present general manager may be a start in the right direction.

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