With the Magic having made the playoffs all but twice in the last nine years, there is an increasing sense that Orlando needs to do something about their lack of success. If they don’t figure out a way to push forward, they’ll likely fall behind the likes of the Chicago Bulls and Philadelphia 76ers, who have gone on to win the title in consecutive years.

The NBA draft has traditionally been a very important moment in the careers of both players and teams. But even with the NBA’s rapid development over the last decade, the draft has been notably ineffective in changing the direction of teams and franchises. The Orlando Magic have been no exception to this, as they have had a similarly rough history in that regard.

Despite all of its efforts to build up the franchise, the Orlando Magic are still stuck at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. And for a franchise that likes to play the long game, this is a major disappointment.. Read more about how many draft picks does orlando magic have and let us know what you think.

Last season, the Orlando Magic won just 21 games and ended in last place in the Eastern Conference. After a decade of mediocrity, Orlando, believe it or not, made strides in the right direction (at best).

Last year, the Magic finally pressed the tiny red button on a franchise rebuild, selling Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic, as well as starting guard Evan Fournier. Additional draft choices were part of Orlando’s return, and the Magic also gained the opportunity to free up cap space.

And, by a stroke of fate, the Magic’s first-round selection from the Chicago Bulls in the Vucevic trade wound up at No. 8 in the lottery. The Magic now have two picks in the top eight, thanks to their own No. 5 pick and the Bulls’ pick. They didn’t squander them either.

The Orlando Magic have finally changed their strategy for the NBA Draft in 2021.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver hugs Jalen Suggs after his selection by the Orlando Magic during the 2021 NBA Draft.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver hugs Jalen Suggs after his selection by the Orlando Magic during the 2021 NBA Draft. After Jalen Suggs was chosen by the Orlando Magic, NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Suggs hugged. | Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

The past few drafts have seen a lot of significant swings in Orlando’s favor. Cole Anthony in 2020, Chuma Okeke in 2019, Mo Bamba in 2018, and Jonathan Isaac in 2017 were the franchise’s most recent first-round selections, according to Basketball-Reference.

Although Anthony is the most talented of the group, they all have one thing in common: athleticism. The Magic’s front staff believes that the ideal approach to create a team is to select athleticism first and develop their abilities second.

According to NBA.com, Orlando was in the bottom five in the league in both offensive and defensive efficiency last season, so maybe that strategy isn’t working. Fortunately, in the 2021 draft, things changed.

The Magic’s picks of Jalen Suggs and Franz Wagner provide the club with much-needed talent.

Orlando has a — let’s be kind and call it unfortunate — lottery draft history.

Orlando selected Gonzaga point guard Jalen Suggs with its own No. 5 pick. The Magic selected Michigan forward Franz Wagner with the selection it acquired from Chicago.

Suggs is a great athlete, but he also has a lot more to offer. He’s a smart playmaker with a lot of intangibles that Orlando’s most recent picks don’t have. As a 19-year-old freshman, Suggs led the Bulldogs to an appearance in the NCAA Championship Game. He also displayed his clutch gene by hitting a game-winning shot in the Final Four against UCLA to send the Zags to the championship game.

Wagner climbed into the top ten of the draft as a shooter, facilitator, and smart, flexible defender. He also offers a game sense that no one else on Orlando’s current squad has.

On day one, Suggs will fight for and most likely earn the Magic’s starting point guard position. Wagner’s one-of-a-kind talent may potentially win him a starting position. In the worst-case scenario, the 6-foot-10 big will see a lot of action off the bench.

The rebuilding of the Orlando Magic is off to a good start.


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30 July 2021 — Eric Adelson (@eric adelson)

Orlando has won five playoff games in the past ten years, according to RealGM. Since the franchise’s short resurgence in the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons, it hasn’t won a postseason series.

The additions of Suggs and Wagner to the Magic’s lineup offer talents that are diametrically opposed to the rest of the team. However, when Isaac, Okeke, and, to a lesser degree, Bamba (who has yet to establish his footing in the NBA) combine their sheer athleticism, Orlando may have something special on their hands.

The Magic will also have additional future choices in the coming years, as well as cap room to accommodate them. The Magic’s new draft approach has added new aspects to the squad, and as the puzzle pieces fall into place, the club may finally be on the right track.

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As part of the NBA’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the new CBA offers teams a ton of added incentive to lose games and lose fans over time. One of the most significant and well-known changes that the new CBA introduced was a “one and done” rule where teams can only keep the first round pick they received from another team via a trade, free agency, or draft lottery.. Read more about nba mock draft 2021 and let us know what you think.

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