The Los Angeles Lakers have made a big move in the NBA this season by trading for All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook. While fans of both teams are excited about the move, there are some that are not. The Sacramento Kings have been the biggest losers on this blockbuster trade, because they have lost the face of their franchise. This move will make the Lakers look even better, while the Kings will continue to struggle. While the Lakers should be happy, it is the Kings that are the biggest losers in this blockbuster.

The Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs are the two best teams in the NBA, and on July 1st the Lakers and Spurs will both be playing away games. For the Lakers, that means a trip to the Staples Center to face the Sacramento Kings, while the Spurs will be visiting the Golden State Warriors. If the Lakers want to secure the number two seed and a first round matchup against the Spurs, they need to win in Sacramento.

There’s been a lot of talk about how the Lakers and the Thunder might not be able to work together, due to bad blood between Durant and Westbrook, and the two superstars never being able to co-exist. But fans of the Kings, who have been very vocal on social media about getting an All-Star caliber player, might want to take a closer look at the situation, since they could be the winner in all of this.. Read more about russell westbrook lakers 2021 and let us know what you think.

The Sacramento Kings were meant to be ushering in a new era on Thursday. Granted, the Kings have had plenty of “new” eras since their previous playoff appearance 15 years ago, but I think you understand what I’m saying. Thursday was supposed to be the day the Kings finally got rid of unhappy shooting guard Buddy Hield, who was reportedly on his way to join the Los Angeles Lakers along I-5.

As a result, Sacramento would have acquired Kyle Kuzma and Montrezl Harrell, two rising talents. However, as we all know, the Washington Wizards rushed in and snatched the trade, sending Russell Westbrook to Hollywood in a blockbuster transaction that has altered the Western Conference and the NBA as a whole. Unfortunately for the Kings, they are the trade’s greatest loser, and must now figure out what to do next.

Buddy Hield was scheduled to be traded by the Sacramento Kings to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for Kyle Kuzma and Montrezl Harrell.

Given that Hield has been dissatisfied with the Kings for some time, it was only natural for Sacramento to seek for a willing trade partner. And, when the Lakers looked for an outside shooter to join LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the court, LA appeared to be a natural match.

A deal between the two clubs has been rumored for a long time, and it seemed to be a foregone conclusion on Thursday. The last remaining obstacle seemed to be convincing Harrell to exercise his $9.7 million player option for the 2021-22 season, but the 2020 NBA Sixth Man of the Year did so on Thursday, clearing the door for the deal to go through.

The Lakers would have gotten Hield, while the Kings would have gotten Harrell, Kuzma, and most likely the Lakers’ No. 22 selection in the NBA draft on Thursday night. Isn’t it true that everyone gets what they want?

The transaction seemed to be done once more. It was till it wasn’t.

Russell Westbrook was acquired by the Lakers from the Washington Wizards. MQDWA

The Lakers have been linked to just about every major name in the NBA in trades or free agency almost every summer, so there were speculations that they could be interested in acquiring Westbrook from the Wizards. Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, and a slew of others, including Hield, have all been touted as potential No. 3 possibilities in Los Angeles.

The Lakers, as we all know, made the Westbrook rumor real on Thursday when they acquired the 2017 NBA MVP in exchange for Kuzma, Harrell, Kenatavious Caldwell-Pope, and the aforementioned No. 22 lottery choice.

The huge trade sent shockwaves across the NBA, and it had to be a complete shock to the Kings, given how close they seemed to be to sending Hield to the Lakers.

What is the next step for the Kings?

Sacramento Kings logo

Sacramento Kings logo Sacramento Kings | Getty Images/Ben Green

Unfortunately for their supporters, the Kings must be viewed as the greatest losers in the Lakers-Westbrook news. They believe they’ve traded away a guy who doesn’t want to be there for two good players and a second first-round draft choice in one minute. And with Kuzma, they’d be getting a player eager to show that he’s more than simply a backup.

The next minute, they’re the puppy at the window, begging, “Why didn’t you choose me?” Sure, they drafted Baylor guard Davion Mitchell with the ninth overall selection. Mitchell is also a good addition. He was awarded the Naismith Defensive Player of the Year after a season in which he averaged 14 points and 5.5 assists for the championship-winning Bears. But he won’t be able to turn around a team that hasn’t reached the NBA Playoffs since 2006.

When free agency begins next week, Sacramento isn’t likely to be a top choice for the big stars. Monte McNair, the Kings’ general manager, must be beyond himself right now as he tries to pick up the pieces. As you read this, he’s probably on the phone, frantically trying to find another club willing to take on Hield. And, sure, he’ll almost certainly find one. But he won’t receive what he was expecting from the Lakers in exchange.

So the Kings must go back to the drawing board and begin the process all over again, something they’ve been doing for the last decade and a half.

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Russell Westbrook once had a perfect triple-double in which he didn’t miss a single shot. RELATED: Russell Westbrook Once Had a Perfect Triple-Double in Which He Didn’t Miss a Single Shot

The Los Angeles Lakers’ decision to sign free agent point guard Russell Westbrook was a shock to many NBA analysts, as the move has been cheered by some fans, while others have been aghast at the cost of the Lakers’ salary cap space. Up to this point, the Lakers’ biggest losses have been the departures of Derek Fisher and Jordan Hill, and in reality, the Lakers’ biggest loss may be the addition of a player that doesn’t fit the team’s needs and brings little-to-no tangible value to the team.. Read more about nba news and let us know what you think.

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