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“There was just no hope” is a song by the band “No Hope For The Human Race”. This song is about how the world has become so dark and hopeless, that there is no hope left.

'There Was Just No Hope'

Bill Walton’s NBA statistics may be found here. The numbers for the Hall of Fame are there. There was the year he was named to his first All-Star Game, with 14.4 rebounds and 18.6 points per game. Then there’s the year following, when he won MVP and scored a career-high 18.9 points. However, if you scroll down, you’ll see several gaps.

Due to ailments, mostly foot difficulties, he missed four complete seasons. Back troubles plagued the UCLA center throughout his career, and he injured his back during a game in his final year after getting undercut. In 2009, Walton had corrective surgery.

Walton recently spoke out about the difficult times he had on and off the court as a result of the event when he was 21 years old. He struggled with depression. He pondered suicide since he believed there was no other option.

Bill Walton fractured his back his senior year at UCLA and returned to play 11 days later.


bill-walton-ucla-1024x766 On March 11, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada, sportscaster and former NBA player Bill Walton watches a game between the USC Trojans and the UCLA Bruins during the Pac-12 Conference basketball tournament semifinals at T-Mobile Arena. | Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Walton recently appeared on the Al Franken Podcast, where he said that his back is “doing well.” That, he said, was never the case. He overcame that terrifying moment as a college senior, when his basketball career was on the verge of ending.

He told Franken, “I fractured my spine when I was 21.” “I was at UCLA and I was shooting far above the rim – I enjoy shooting high above the rim.” I like simply wandering around up there. It was a terrible circumstance for me since I was being undermined. I fell flat on my back after flipping over. I shattered my back and had to stay in the hospital for 11 days. Things were never the same for me after that.”

Walton made an incredible comeback to the court despite being in agonizing discomfort for the most of those 11 days.

He added matter-of-factly, “I played 11 days later.” “I broke my back on January 7th, 1974, but I don’t recall the exact day. The next time I played was on January 19, 1974, and we ended our 88-game winning run that night, but I don’t recall the date, specifics, or facts.

“Playing basketball with a broken back is difficult.”

Bill Walton confesses he battled depression and felt hopeless.

Walton played basketball despite a number of ailments during his career. He said he never felt like he’d be able to return to normalcy.

He said, “There was never any reason to assume I would get well.” “There was no hope at all.” I needed to commit suicide. Your health, your family, your team, your house, your sanctuary, and finally the hope and dream that tomorrow will be better are the steps to happiness in life. My family, on the other hand, had stuck with me. We were still able to live in our house. When your health is in jeopardy, that’s a risky proposition.

“I’d lost everything, including my dignity and self-respect, and I had given up hope and dreaming of a better life.” I had no notion how difficult this road would be, and I had no idea whether my plan would succeed.

“When you have a bad back, you’re constantly inundated by people telling you it’s over. There isn’t a ray of optimism in sight. Avoid having back surgery. It’ll simply aggravate the situation.”

In 2009, he thanks Dr. Steven Garfin for saving his life.

Walton said, “(Garfin) saved my life.” “Like John Wooden, he’s a little person from the Midwest, but he’s a genuine giant.”

Walton’s anguish and melancholy lasted over five years, according to him.

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Walton had spent several nights in agony before meeting Dr. Garfin.

He answered, “Four and a half years.” “It had been a forward-thinking thing.” It wasn’t like it was all over in a flash. There was a time, February 24, 2008, but I don’t recall the date. There reached a point when I couldn’t go any more. I couldn’t move or get off the ground any longer.

“However, with the congenital deformities in my feet and the knee injuries I had from being pulled down, there was a lengthy period of years and years of pure pain.” When I was 21, I had a shattered spine.”

All of this adds to his basketball accomplishment, but also diminishes its significance. On and off the court, Walton is a Hall of Famer.

In the United States, dial 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Alternatively, text HOME to 741-741 to reach a certified crisis counselor via the Crisis Text Line, which is free.

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