Boston is one of the great cities of America; it has a distinguished place in American history and countless memories for sports fans. The city was also home to two professional teams – Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics. However, when the New England Patriots left town they put an end to any hopes that Boston would ever get another major league team back

The “Boston celtics” is a professional basketball team that has won the most championships in NBA history. They are known for their rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as their rivalry with the Philadelphia 76ers. The Boston Celtics were founded in 1946 and have won 16 championships so far. Read more in detail here: boston celtics.

'There's No Sports Town Like Boston. I Don't Care Where You Go'

Larry Bird was The Hick From French Lick before he became The Legend with the Boston Celtics. He used to play basketball outside an Indiana hotel with some cooks and waiters before becoming an all-time NBA great.

Bird was an Indiana Hoosier and a Sycamore from Indiana State University.

Indiana equals Larry Bird. In Indiana, basketball is synonymous with Larry Bird.

Larry may have miscalculated the might of the green side as the head of a decade-long dynasty in Massachusetts.

Before joining the Celtics, Larry Bird operated a basketball team in Indiana.

By the time he graduated from Springs Valley High School, Bird had established himself as one of the state’s greatest high school basketball players, finishing as the school’s all-time leading scorer.

He received a scholarship to play for Indiana University under Hall of Fame coach Bob Knight, but his stint in Bloomington was brief.

Instead, Larry returned to French Lick, uncertain of his future in basketball.

But all’s well that ends well, as Bird finally made his way to the Sycamores and went on to become one of the state’s most accomplished college athletes.

Larry’s basketball adventure had never led him outside of Indiana until that moment.

Bostonians and admirers finally triumphed against The Legend.

Larry Bird Admitted that after his time with the Celtics he would never root against Boston sports teams again.

Larry Bird Admitted that after his time with the Celtics he would never root against Boston sports teams again. During the second half of Game 1 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series between the Celtics and the Indiana Pacers, Boston Celtics great Larry Bird greets the audience. | Getty Images/Christopher Evans/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

Bird arrived in Boston as astonished and started his career with the Celtics.

After 13 years, Larry was no longer associated with the state of Indiana.

The Boston Celtics equaled Larry Bird, and Larry Bird equaled the Celtics.

Presumably, the three-time MVP was a lifelong Indiana fan. But, as he told The Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy, his allegiances shifted over time.

Bird remarked in a phone interview as his Indiana Pacers prepared to meet the Celtics at TD Garden on Wednesday night, “I never root against Boston teams.” “No other sports town compares to Boston.” It doesn’t matter to me where you go.

“They’re discussing Chicago and Philadelphia.” No. They will never be able to compete with Boston. Ladies in their 90s can identify every player on the Red Sox and Patriots teams, for example. It’s simply not available anyplace else like that.

It’s incredible out there, and I owe my appreciation to the fans by never rooting against them because I understand how important sports are to them.”

Larry Bird talks about his affection for Boston and its people.

With the Celtics, Bird won three titles. With the Red Sox, he has four World Series championships. And with the New England Patriots, a guy called Tom Brady helped him win a couple more.

Regardless matter the cause, Larry has had a lot of success since he first boarded the Boston train.

Bird and the city were transformed into a “love tale.” dqY

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“It’s a love tale, this connection between Bird and Boston,” Shaughnessy said in his column.

In this scenario, the meet-cute had to be Red Auerbach’s unusual method of getting Larry to Boston in the first place. Who knows where Bird would have ended up if it hadn’t been for that.

It’s also possible that this is a superhero narrative, with Red’s drafting of Indiana State’s best player serving as his origin story.

In the case, Boston got its hero, Bird gained his city, and his fan base never left.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

Larry Bird Once Opened Up About Tom Brady and Deflategate, But Admitted His Colts Never Had a Chance Against The GOAT: ‘We already knew the Patriots were going to beat them.’

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