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Jameis Winston gets the kind of second chance that quarterbacks seldom receive in the NFL, taking over for future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. Winston, who is still in his physical peak at the age of 27, now heads a club that is stacked with offensive and coaching skill — the same scenario that helped Brees resurrect his career over a decade ago.

Winston, the former No. 1 overall selection, understands the enormous opportunity that came with Brees’ retirement, even if no one expects him to put up Brees-like statistics just yet. Winston is approaching the proverbial fork in the road of his NFL career after studying the system for more than a year and getting close to Brees along the way.

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The issue of when to start a highly selected quarterback is never easy to answer. The Buccaneers thought Winston’s experience at ACC powerhouse Florida State would be enough to get his feet wet when quarterback was drafted first overall in 2015. Winston started every game for Tampa Bay that year, and the team only finished 6-10. As a rookie, the quarterback was good enough to make the Pro Bowl.

Winston failed to respond to the task of a pass-heavy system on a squad full of limitations, despite glimpses of brilliance as he matured. He didn’t have the luxury of studying the NFL position from the bench as an NFL starter. Winston topped the league in passing yards, interceptions, and attempts at the end of his sixth season in Tampa.

Winston’s physical abilities are undeniable. However, a lack of efficiency made it simple for the Buccaneers to move on once they got a chance to sign Tom Brady. In the year 2020, Winston found himself on the bench in New Orleans. Meanwhile, his old club caught fire late in the season and rode that momentum all the way to the Super Bowl.

Winston’s path is strikingly similar to Brees’ after mixed success with the Chargers in San Diego. In his four years as the starting quarterback there, Brees was consistent. However, the franchise soon became impatient and handed over the reins to Philip Rivers.

Brees began his career with the Saints at the age of 27, the same age Winston was when he earned the starting position in New Orleans this past summer.

Drew Brees’ mentoring has turned out to be a gift in disguise for Winston.

New Orleans Saints quarterbacks Drew Brees and Jameis Winston look over the defense on the sideline

New Orleans Saints quarterbacks Drew Brees and Jameis Winston look over the defense on the sideline Drew Brees and Jameis Winston, quarterbacks for the New Orleans Saints | sideline Getty Images/Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire

Despite being a humiliating experience for a guy who was supposed to be a superstar from day one, Winston saw the opportunity to back up a fading Brees as a fantastic opportunity to recover. He also brought the proper mindset to New Orleans, revealing his special bond with both the Saints and Brees shortly after joining the club.

Winston told ABC News that when Brees arrived to New Orleans in 2006, he was the first child to receive an autograph from him. The serendipitous meeting now seems to be almost too wonderful to be true. Winston was 12 years old at the time.

Winston has been looking up to Brees for a long time, and it has helped him adjust to the business side of the NFL as he begins his second act. Winston, according to Sports Illustrated, talks like a guy who understands how much he still needs to learn. Brees spoke to head coach Sean Payton as a “genius” and freely discussed how Brees helped him believe in the process.

This means Winston must strike a better balance between being aggressive and cautious. This is one of the main topics on which he and Brees have collaborated.

Winston should continue to search for chances to be aggressive down the field, according to the former quarterback. However, the 13-time Pro Bowler also said that controlling the game rather than taking it over may be more beneficial to the team. Winston, a rocket-armed gunslinger who has lit up rival defenses since high school, is facing a mindset adjustment.

Winston’s biggest difficulties are still ahead of him.

Winston’s teachings seem to have soaked in after three games as the Saints’ starter as he adapts to a new job. To begin the 2021 season, he has guided the Saints to a 2-1 record. Winston has averaged just 21 passes per game this season, compared to an eye-popping 39 during his last season in Tampa Bay.

Despite the fact that he didn’t pass for 200 yards in the first three games of 2021, his touchdown-to-interception ratio of 7-2 is exactly what the Saints were hoping for. Most significantly, the Winston era in New Orleans is off to a terrific start. According to CBS Sports, the club expects to get standout wide receiver Michael Thomas back after the bye week.  

Winston’s season will get much more difficult later in the autumn, even if Thomas returns. The Saints didn’t have to depend on Winston’s right arm much in burying the Packers, who were generally regarded championship contenders, and dominating the Patriots on the road. Due to a slew of tough matches in the middle of the season, this is likely to alter.

By week six, the Saints will travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks in a tough Monday Night Football game. Then they come home to face the Buccaneers in a game that will be crucial for both Winston and the club.

Taking against his old team will put everything Winston has learned under Brees’ tutelage to the test. Winston may be back on track to greatness if he can overcome his demons versus Tampa Bay. For the time being, it’s one snap at a time, as Winston learned from one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

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