The NBA has been in a state of flux since the start of this season. A new commissioner and a new set of rules have created a confusing environment for players, coaches, and fans alike.

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Urban Meyer has only coached in one NFL game, but things for him and the Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t looking good. Indeed, some rumors indicate that he may already be on his way out of town.

In Week 1, the Jaguars were humiliated by the Houston Texans, and one day later, the USC Trojans’ head coaching position became available. Since then, speculation has run wild, and it seems like Meyer may be considering leaving Jacksonville and returning to the land where he reigns supreme (apart from Nick Saban, of course): college football.

One day after Urban Meyer’s Jaguars were humiliated by the Texans, USC dismissed its head coach.

The USC Trojans went into the 2021 college football season hoping to win the Pac-12 Conference. Instead, they were defeated 42-28 by Stanford at home in their second game of the season. Mike Bohn, the school’s athletic director, subsequently stated on Sept. 13 that head coach Clay Helton had been dismissed.

As the head coach at USC, Helton has a record of 46-24.

The dismissal, on the other hand, occurred only one day after Urban Meyer’s Jaguars were defeated 37-21 by the Houston Texans, one of the worst teams in the NFL. The squad struggled in every aspect of the game, with Trevor Lawrence throwing three interceptions and both running backs, Carlos Hyde and James Robinson, failing to gain more than 45 yards on the ground. The Jaguars’ defense allowed Tyrod Taylor to pass for 291 yards and two scores, and Mark Ingram to run for 85 yards.

Overall, it was an abysmal defeat, something Meyer didn’t have to deal with much as the college coach at Florida and Ohio State.

So, why don’t you simply go back to what you’re most comfortable with?

He’s said to be interested in the USC position.

Following the dismissal of Helton, veteran NFL executive Michael Lombardi tweeted, “Folks in Columbus who I trust tell me that Meyer may enjoy coming back to college.”

“The timing of this move for USC tells me something is brewing–not sure what, but something,” he said.

Lombardi appeared on The Pat McAfee Show later that day to elaborate on his tweet.

On the Sept. 14 show, he stated, “I was just minding my own business yesterday watching tape when I receive a text from someone in the league saying, ‘Urban to USC.’” “I replied, ‘No way,’” says the author. ‘You want to wager on it?’ asks the man. When he stated that, I thought to myself, “Wait a minute, he knows a lot more than I do.” ‘Well, tell me why,’ I replied. ‘Look, everyone in Columbus,’ he continued — and this guy is from Columbus — ‘knows that pro football may not be sitting well with Urban.’

“They’re going to deny all of this, we all know that,” Lombardi said. Everyone in Los Angeles and Columbus believed he was going to accept the USC job while he was working for Fox, but Clay Helton is the ultimate survivor.”

The timing of Helton’s dismissal, according to Lombardi, was “interesting” since it occurred after just the second game of the season. Meyer has denied any interest in USC, which he was correct about.

Meyer told Sports Illustrated on Sept. 15 that he doesn’t think there’s a possibility. “I’m here, and I’m determined to create an organization.”

However, history has taught us to take his statement with a grain of salt.

Urban Meyer is said to be considering a move to USC.

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer during a game against the Texans.

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer during a game against the Texans. Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer reacts after his team’s loss against the Houston Texans on Sept. 12, 2021. Getty Images/Carmen Mandato

Urban Meyer has shown time and time again that you can’t always believe what he says.

He left Florida following the 2010 season for health concerns, but only took a year off before accepting the Ohio State position in 2012, according to ESPN. He also resigned from coaching following the 2018 season with the Buckeyes, citing health issues as one of the reasons, but resurfaced this summer as the head coach of the Jaguars.

Perhaps health problems forced him to drop out of both institutions. But why do you keep going back to a difficult job?

Meyer’s credibility has been harmed in other ways as well. Meyer went out of his way this summer to offer his former player, Tim Tebow, a job with the Jags, despite some off-field problems with his teams at Florida and Ohio State. Tebow hadn’t played in the NFL since 2012, so did Meyer believe he had a chance of making the squad? Or was he simply trying to assist his pal?

Tebow was released by the Jags before the season even began, thus it was most likely the latter. But how can we think he’s serious about creating a company when he hires washed-up celebrities?

What we do know is that Meyer would radically overhaul USC’s program, which hasn’t been at the top of the collegiate football world since Pete Carroll left over a decade ago. Meyer has won every game he has played in college, and his teams have contended for national titles. During his collegiate coaching career, he even won three national championships.

Given USC’s illustrious past and the changing environment of college football as a result of the new name, image, and likeness regulations, Meyer may find himself in an ideal position to win, and win fast.

Sure, Jacksonville’s coach may be rejecting his team’s interest in USC at the moment. However, given the demands of the NFL and his collegiate record, the Trojans may be too good a chance to pass up.

Sports Reference and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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