The Pittsburgh Pirates were one of the best teams in MLB, but their recent struggles have been a point of contention for fans and front office members alike. The team still has enough talent to be arguably among the top ten clubs, if not better than that right now. That may sound like damning with faint praise, but it’s time to stop pretending they’re an average club and start getting serious about rebuilding or trading away the key pieces who don’t fit what they want moving forward.

Drew Brees is well-aware of what it takes to win a Super Bowl. As an NBC pundit, he’s backed one of the top quarterbacks in the game in 2020, and he believes the signal-callers’ club will emerge victorious from the AFC. Despite the fact that Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills have struggled at times throughout the first nine weeks, Brees remains optimistic about the franchise.

In 2021, the Buffalo Bills aren’t the powerhouse many predicted. 

The Buffalo Bills had their finest season since the mid-1990s in 2020.

Josh Allen enjoyed a breakout year in his third season. With a 69.2 percent completion percentage, 37 touchdowns, and just 10 interceptions, he passed for 4,544 yards and 37 touchdowns. Some of the team’s success may be attributed to the addition of Stefon Diggs before to the season. The former Minnesota Viking topped the league in receiving yards (127) and catches (127) throughout his career (1,535).

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll was also a role in Allen’s rise. Last season, the Bills won the AFC East and advanced to the AFC Championship game thanks to his pass-heavy design and savvy play-calling.

With that level of success and with everyone returning for 2021, including Dabol, the Bills were a popular Super Bowl prediction heading into the season.

So far this season, things haven’t gone as planned for Allen, Diggs, Daboll, and the Bills.

Buffalo bounced back from a shocking Week 1 defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers with victories against the Miami Dolphins, Washington Football Team, Houston Texans, and Kansas City Chiefs. In Week 6, the Bills suffered a shocking Monday Night Football setback to the Tennessee Titans, but they bounced back with another Dolphins win following their bye (albeit one where the score was 3-3 at half).  

On their journey to Duval County last week, the squad was still cruising at 5-2. Defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars should have been a piece of cake.

However, no one told Urban Meyer, Trevor Lawrence, or the other Josh Allen about the message.

The Bills were defeated in a heartbreaking 9-6 slugfest, and now there are worries about the team’s future. This season, Allen’s decision-making and Daboll’s play-calling have been terrible, even in victories. In their latest setback, the Bills’ running backs received only nine touches, while Allen was sacked four times and threw two interceptions.

Many people are abandoning the Bills because of their dismal performance, but Drew Brees is not one of them.

Despite the Bills’ troubles, Drew Brees stayed with them. 

Drew Brees, who still likes the Buffalo Bills, stands on the sideline during the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys at Raymond James Stadium on September 09, 2021 in Tampa, Florida.

Drew Brees, who still likes the Buffalo Bills, stands on the sideline during the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys at Raymond James Stadium on September 09, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. Drew Brees | Julio Aguilar/Getty Images/Drew Brees .

Drew Brees, the recently departed quarterback, is one of the many analysts who is rooting for the Buffalo Bills this season. Brees, a two-time Super Bowl winner, sees championship potential in Buffalo.

Brees had only a few weeks earlier proclaimed the Bills to be the finest team in the NFL. “I believe the Bills are the greatest team in football right now, and it’s not even close,” he said on WWL Sports’ SportsTalk with Bobby Hebert, Kristian Garic, and Mike Detillier.

Brees stuck to his guns during halftime of the Week 9 Sunday Night Football matchup between the Tennessee Titans and the Los Angeles Rams after two defeats in three weeks and some less-than-playoff-worthy play in those games.

Host Mike Tirico presented the question, “Who is the greatest team in the AFC?” during the halftime show. Brees replied,

[Within] AFC, I’m not sure. It’s impossible to say. You want to say Tennessee because of the way they’re playing tonight. I’m still on the way to Buffalo. They’ve made me look awful over the previous few weeks, but I believe that club, with their defense, has some long-term staying strength.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Drew Brees

While this isn’t exactly a glowing recommendation, Bills supporters must be pleased that a successful former NFL player still believes in their team. To rekindle interest in the Bills’ Super Bowl hopes, they’ll need to win decisively in Week 10, which should be another easy matchup.

On Sunday, Buffalo has a chance to right the ship against the New York Jets.

Mike White, the #Jets’ renowned backup quarterback, will start against the #Bills, according to a source. Zach Wilson plans to utilize the week to improve his health.

November 10, 2021 — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)

If the Bills thought the game would be a cakewalk when they arrived to TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, they were sadly wrong. The club will face the 2-6 New York Jets at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey in Week 10, and learning that lesson should aid them in Week 10.

The Jets have had their ups and downs this season, but they are starting back-up quarterback and folk hero Mike White (or Mike “F’in” White, as one colleague dubbed him). Last time he played a complete, healthy game, the youthful signal-caller shocked the Cincinnati Bengals, and he’ll aim to add to his mythology against the Bills.

Despite the Bills’ offensive woes, the defense has been outstanding regardless of the offense’s performance. This Super Bowl-caliber defense should be able to keep the club afloat until the offense gets back on track later in the season.

However, it is the most significant component. Daboll has to find out how to get into a groove like he did last season while also eking out a running game and better protecting Allen.

Allen, for one, needs to make better, faster choices with the ball. He also needs to accept what he’s given rather than always striving for the home run shot.

Both Dabol and Allen are talented and bright, which is fortunate for the Bills — and Drew Brees. As the season progresses, they should be able to sort it out. If they want to be true Lombardi Trophy contenders, it has to start in New Jersey.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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