For those who don’t know what The Match is, it’s a competition where two celebrities get together and play a game of golf to see who is the better of the two. Each round, the competitor who made fewer putts started the next round by hitting the ball off a tee. Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback, is the latest competitor to be picked to play in The Match. He has agreed to play against one of the best golfers in the world, Phil Mickelson.

Tom Brady is the latest athlete to troll Aaron Rodgers about his love for the Pinehurst Resort, where the two are currently staying. The Patriots quarterback posted a photo of himself and golfing legend Phil Mickelson, who is staying at the Pinehurst Resort, on Instagram. The caption is a reference to the fact that Rodgers is a big fan of Pinehurst. He was last spotted there in April, following the NFL Draft, and he played an 18-hole round with Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Justin Rose. (A pretty impressive foursome if you ask us.)

Tom Brady Trolling Aaron Rodgers About the Latest Edition of “The Match” With Phil Mickelson Set Off the Newest Chapter in the Ongoing Feud Between Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka – Sports Betting Blog – u-wanna-bet

It’s only been a few hours since it was announced that newly crowned PGA champions Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady would take on Bryson Deschambault and Aaron Rodgers in the new edition of Match Play, and already the first shots are being fired. But the four candidates are not the only ones to speak; Deschambault’s rival, Brooks Koepka, is also on hand.

Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady take on Bryson Deschambault and Aaron Rodgers in July

It was announced early Wednesday morning that Mickelson and Brady will face off against Deschambault and Rodgers in the final match of Matchday on Tuesday, July 6. The event, which will be broadcast on TNT at 5 p.m. Eastern, takes place at The Reserve at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana, and is called Big Time in Big Sky. This is the second time the teams of Mickelson and Brady have faced each other, as in May last year Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning played against each other. As far as we know, Deschambault and Rodgers have never played together, but the two men certainly bring a lot of star power to this new edition. The format will be a modified alternate shot, meaning both players from each team start and then choose which shot to use. The player whose tee shot was not selected hits a second shot, then both players take turns hitting until the hole is completed. Let’s get to the fun part.

Brady mocked Rodgers with Deschambault-Koepka memes

For those who missed it, shortly after Koepka completed his final round with Mickelson at the PGA Championship on Sunday, he was participating in an interview on Golf Channel when Deschambault, with whom he has been feuding for some time, walked past him. Cap, visibly irritated by the sound of Bryson’s metal nails, rolled his eyes and spouted a host of swear words, literally losing his train of thought. Koepka’s eye roll has become a popular meme on social media in recent days, and Brady used it Wednesday to attack both Deschambault and Rodgers. Brady also used a poster to mock Rodgers, whom he defeated in the NFC Championship Game en route to his seventh Super Bowl victory. But Twitter wasn’t the only place Brady dropped jokes, as he made even more jokes on Instagram. But Brady wasn’t the only shooter.

Brooks Koepka speaks

word-image-11601 word-image-11602 (from left) Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, Brooks Koepka, Bryson Deschambault, Aaron Rodgers | Patrick Smith/Getty Images; Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images for the Match; Stacy Revere/Getty Images; Ben Jared/PGA TOUR via Getty Images; Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images Shortly after it all started, Koepka mixed into the action with a simple tweet to Rogers. But that’s not all, because Deschambault, who never backed down, responded about an hour later with this gem. @BKoepka It’s nice to live free in your head! – Bryson DeChambeau (@b_dechambeau) May 26, 2021 And how did Cap react? It was the last tweet between the two men so far, but it certainly wouldn’t be shocking to see a few more. It’s a shame that Koepka and his partner (perhaps Patrick Mahomes…. Brady with the Super Bowl, Rodgers with State Farm) are not included in the next edition of the game, because that would make the event must-see television. But when Mickelson, Brady, Deschambault and Rogers show up with microphones, it’s an unforgettable sight. Maybe TNT will get Koepka on the team with Charles Barkley as the commentator. and would both work. COMPARED TO: Phil Mickelson was in the top 100 of the world ranking list for more than 27 years, but never reached No.The New England Patriots are back to their old tricks, this time taunting Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers about the latest edition of the “The Match” between the team’s two Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson, which fans are calling the “TossGate” match. It all started last week when the reigning Super Bowl MVP and four-time Super Bowl champion uploaded a photo of himself and Mickelson playing a round of golf, writing, “Another chapter in the ongoing saga…. #TheMatch #TossGate”. Read more about shotgun start golf merch and let us know what you think.

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