Do you love to play multiplayer games with your friends for hours? Do you like to make your buddies angry every time they talk to you? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled our pick of the best multiplayer games for you to play with your friends.

Multiplayer is no longer an option, it’s a demand. As the popularity of eSports continues to grow, so do the number of developers working on creating games that support online play. We’ve got a whole bunch of multiplayer games on the market, and we’ve been hard at work narrowing down the list to the best multiplayer titles.

Multiplayer games are one of the best ways to spend time with friends, especially when you’re looking to break the monotony of your daily grind. These games provide a new angle, allowing you to strike up a conversation with a friend, or discuss strategy with a stranger over a match. Multiplayer games are also great because you can challenge yourself against other players without the pressure of a single-player campaign or competitive multiplayer mode.



Muck’s most recent version 1.3 introduced a slew of new features for multiplayer mode, including trader camps, two new monsters, new weapons and armor, and a slew of bug improvements.

Many of these new features, such as different merchants, free weapons in chests, fast access to bosses, and resurrection totems, are available immediately at spawn in our top Muck seeds selection.

If you like playing Muck with your friends online, be sure to try each seed in our list.

752881914, 752881914, 752881914, 75288

With numerous houses, green chests, and merchants, including archers, smiths, and woodcutters, this seed will get you off to a strong start. At spawn, you can see them all.

The following items may be found within the free chests:

  • Steel Helmet (one)
  • Iron Bar 37x
  • Gold Bar (30x)
  • 15 times Flint
  • 16 x gleaming coin

90098478, 90098478, 90098478, 90098478

If you wish to take on a new Chief boss alongside your friends, you may do it immediately at spawn.

You may acquire some food and weapons straight immediately since there are several houses nearby with free treasure boxes.

The following green chests may be found in the area:

  • 7 times Iron Bar
  • Mithril Bar (six)
  • Iron Bar 14x
  • 84 x 84 x 84 x 84 x 84
  • 3 x Strange Soup

612523574 is the number of the seed.

This seed offers you a looter’s house directly at spawn, which is very uncommon. You’ll get a random powerup from the free chest within. If you don’t like what you receive the first time, you may try again with a different seed.

On the opposite side of the hill is Jack’s cabin, which has two green chests containing:

  • 1 × Axe (Wooden)
  • Shiny Coin 50x

2576245 is the number of the seed.

Because there are three revival totems immediately at spawn, this seed is a true survival sanctuary for multiplayer games.

There’s also a cabin with free chests nearby, as well as Gronk’s statue.

A statue of the Guardian with the red gem and a couple additional resurrection totems may be found to the north.

-184745390 -184745390 -184745390 -1847453

Fletcher’s hut, which contains three types of arrows within its green chests, including flint, iron, and wooden arrows, spawns in an area with a Fletcher’s hut.

The golden pickaxe is among three kinds of pickaxes found in a neighboring house with embedded rocks.

More free crates with very valuable treasure may be found all over the place.

197390643 is the seed number for this plant.

This seed will provide you instant access to Night Blade, one of the game’s most powerful weapons. It’s hidden within one of the cave’s chests, as shown on the map above by the marking.

There are several cottages nearby, as well as merchants of different kinds, so make sure to check out their offerings.

725797655 is the number of the seed.

Muck’s creator just released a new, very powerful weapon called Chief’s Spear.

A Spear Tip for this weapon may be found inside one of the green chests near spawn. The chest is located between the cottages and the shed to the west of spawn, on top of a rock.

The chest also contains a bow and some golden tools.

134566527 is the seed number.

A tree has grown on top of the Pitman’s cottage near spawn! To the north of spawn, this strange coincidence may be observed.

On the rock, there is a free chest both inside and outside. There are, however, additional green chests with golden goods scattered around, containing:

  • Gold Bar (10x)
  • 1 x Axe (Gold)
  • Gold Ore 9x

673833806 is the number of the seed.

You’ll spawn near a cave containing all of the main ores, including obamium, adamantite, gold, and iron.

On the roof, there are two green chests and several rubies.

To the north of the cave, there is another campsite with some excellent loot:

  • Flint Arrow 10x
  • Iron Bar (9x)
  • 1 x Axe (Wood)

-1148957751 is the seed number.

Gronk’s Sword is favored by certain gamers owing to its unique appearance. If you’re one of them but don’t want to battle Gronk for the sword, you may locate it inside one of the free chests in a cave marked by the marking on the map above.

Just keep in mind that the cave is guarded by a swarm of golems, so go quickly.

747474889 is the number of the seed.

If you travel a little north of the spawn location, you’ll discover a weird monstrosity of a building in this seed.

You’ll discover two cottages that have been combined into one, but from opposite sides, making it almost difficult to enter without destroying the walls.

Check it out since there are two green chests inside with some arrows.

For multiplayer sessions, they are the best Muck seeds. Take a look at our dedicated Muck instructions page if you want to learn more about this survival game.

Published on the 26th of July, 2021

Have you ever played a multiplayer game with friends, and just as you were about to get a good start, someone accidentally broke your phone? Now you are forced to restart all the levels, and have to go through them all over again. Well, if you’re looking for a multiplayer game to play with your friends, without losing your progress, then look no further than “Muck Seed”.. Read more about easy muck seed and let us know what you think.

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