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The “v rising capes” is a guide of all the locations where the V Rising Hats can be found. The hats are items that can be earned by completing the v rising questline.

Hats in V Rising cannot be produced; instead, they must be bought or discovered within chests or while fishing. These artifacts are very uncommon, and some of them are rather costly.

Our guide will show you where to find all of the hats in V Rising. Some hats have guaranteed locations on the map, while others are determined by RNG and chance.

V Rising: All Hats Locations

Hills of Silverlight


In the western part of the Hills of Silverlight you can meet Ottar the Merchant in the Ottar’s Brighthaven Slum shop.

The following hats are available for purchase here:

  • Helmet of the Ashfolk (550 silver)
  • Mitre is a kind of mitre that is (550 silver)

Dunley Farmlands is a farm in Dunley, England.


Another important merchant by the name Berk the Traveling Trader can be found along the path in the southeastern part of Dunley Farmlands is a farm in Dunley, England..

You’ll be able to buy a variety of headwear from this vendor:

  • Head of a Bear (300 silver)
  • Head of a Deer (300 silver)
  • Head of a Wolf (300 silver)


If you’re lucky, you may also find a Bonnet hat inside one of the chests in the Dawnbreak Village, also located in the southeastern part of Dunley Farmlands is a farm in Dunley, England..


If you’re courageous enough to confront the Scarecrows in the Abandoned Farm, one of their drops may be the Scarecrow Mask.

Woods of Farbane


In the central area of the Woods of Farbane you may encounter another travelling merchant by the name Gavyn the Shady Dealer.

He’ll be happy to sell you a few hats:

  • Mitre of the Necromancer (200 silver)
  • Hat of a Pilgrim (200 silver)


If you manage to defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter, who is a Level 46 boss, in Woods of Farbane, then he may drop his Vampire Hunter Headgear.

Locations at Random

Many of the headwear in V Rising don’t have specific places, but instead drop from enemies, spawn in chests, or may be caught by fishing at random. These are some of them:

  • Ashfolk Crow (chests or fishing in Hills of Silverlight)
  • Mask of Boneguard (coffins, skeletons, sarcophagus, tutorial zone)
  • The Greathelm of the Immortal King (part of the Dracula’s Relics Pack DLC)
  • Maid’s Cap (chests in Woods of Farbane)
  • Scarf worn by a maid (chests in Dunlay Farmlands and Iron Mines)
  • Helmet of the Militia (fishing in Cursed Forest)
  • Helmet of a Paladin (chests in Silver Mines)
  • Rusted Helmet (chests in Woods of Farbane)
  • Hat made with straw (chests or fishing in the Cursed Forest)
  • Top Hat (chests in Hills of Silverlight, or fishing in the Cursed Forest)
  • Helmet of a Footman (fishing in Dunlay Farmlands)

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V Rising is a game where you must find the hidden objects in each level. The game has been released for free on the Google Play Store, and it allows players to have up to three lives per level. It’s also available on iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle and Facebook. Reference: v rising cloaks.

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