Bucking the trend, V Rising is a video game that does not rely on in-game purchases or microtransactions for revenue. In this article, we’ll explore how such an unusual model has worked so far and what lessons other developers can learn from it.



A roof you could require, but one you won’t necessarily acquire at the start of a V Rising game. Beginner vamps may be irritated by their inability to shield themselves from the sun’s rays.

The Mist Barrier, which can blot out the sun in a tiny radius, is craftable, but it takes up valuable room in your ever-expanding castle’s boundaries and needs Bones to work. Something more long-term would be much better.

In V Rising, how can you get a roof for your castle?

You’ll have to deal with wooden Palisades in the start of V Rising. These serve as primitive border guards, requiring just Lumber to construct but providing only modest defense. If you use Palisades as your walls, you won’t be able to have a roof.

Reinforced Walls, which appear shortly after acquiring Palisades in the main questline, are required for a roof. Reinforced Walls need ten Stone Bricks and six Planks to construct, making them more expensive than Palisades.

After you’ve installed Reinforced Walls, you’ll need to install flooring inside the boundaries of those Reinforced Walls. It’s a difficult chore to begin with since both the Stone Bricks and the Planks might take a long time to make. 

However, after you’ve completed it, a roof will form over your castle walls, shielding you from the sun. You won’t be able to see it, but after the last element of your castle’s framework is in place, you’ll be able to tell whether your castle noticeably darkens.

After that, you’re finally protected from the sun’s rays and may perhaps make greater use of the Mist Barrier you no longer need inside. Check out some of our other V Rising tutorials if you liked this one.

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