The Bone Zone is a blood-soaked, zombie-infested place where Vampires and Survivors alike go to feed. It’s the perfect hunting ground for those who want to get an advantage in battle or ambush unsuspecting prey. But there are people out there who refuse to become Vampire Hunters and they’re on their own, trying anything that might help them survive another day in this hellhole of zombies and vamps alike.

The “vampire survivors walkthrough” is a game that requires you to unlock the Bone Zone. It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

The Bone Zone is the second challenge map in Vampire Survivors to be unlocked. On a floor of skulls, you’ll combat waves of attackers coming from all four directions, with enemy speed and health advantages increasing by the minute.

With a 50 percent gold boost in Normal Mode and a 100 percent bonus in Hyper Mode, this map will net you a lot of gold. We’ll walk you through every step you need to take to unlock The Bone Zone in this tutorial.

In Vampire Survivors, here’s how to get inside the Bone Zone.

In order to access The Bone Zone in Vampire Survivors, you must first earn Hyper Mode on three different levels. Now since there are just four levels in the game, you must choose between Dairy Plant, Gallo Tower, Inlaid Library, and Mad Forest to avoid.

Unlocking Hyper Mode for each of these levels demands you to successfully execute the same assignment. The bosses that arrive at the 25-minute mark of the levels must be defeated. Each of the four levels has its own boss:

  • Sword Guardian Dairy Plant
  • Giant Enemy Crab at Gallo Tower
  • Nesuferit’s Inlaid Library
  • Giant Blue Venus in the Mad Forest


All of the bosses, with the exception of the Giant Blue Venus, have resistances to instant death weapons such the Rosary, Gorgeous Moon, and the Pentagram. All save the Venus are immune to Freeze and Knockback, and they are all immune to debuffs. 

Each of the four bosses’ maximum health is determined by your player level.

  • The health of the Giant Blue Venus is 150 times that of you.
  • The health of Nesuferit and the Sword Guardian is 250 times yours.
  • The leader of the group is Giant Enemy Crab, who has 500 times your health level.

They have the same basic damage of 30 but travel at different speeds. With a speed of 160, the Venus is the slowest, followed by the Crab at 200. At 210, both Nesuferit and the Sword Guardian are faster than the Crab. 

It’s entirely up to you which of the three monsters you kill to get access to their various Hyper Modes, but if we were to give a recommendation, the Giant Enemy Crab would be the one to avoid. You can always come back for him after you’ve gained more experience.

The Bone Zone’s Characteristics

Light sources will appear twice as often in The Bone Zone as they do in Vampire Survivors, but they will only drop Gold Coins and Coin Bags. Similarly, while playing in Normal Mode, the Gold Bonus for this challenge level is 50%, and when playing in Hyper Mode, it’s 100%. The Bone Zone’s Hyper Mode is enabled by default.

In The Bone Zone, you’ll confront a slew of different monster kinds that will attack you from all sides. The Drowner and the Stalker are among the adversary kinds, making this the best level for attempting to uncover the hidden character Toastie. 

Both adversary movement speed and maximum health will grow minute by minute in The Bone Zone. Every minute, the speed multiplier will increase by 0.05, while the health will increase by 0.03. This may not seem like much, but as you get deeper into your run, the exponential increase will really start to pile up. 

Death will arrive in The Bone Zone after 30 minutes, just as in the previous levels. His health is 655,350 times your player level, his basic damage is 65,535 times your player level, and his movement speed is 1200 times your player level. For all intents and purposes, he’s unkillable, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

Consider checking out our other Vampire Survivors guides at the Vampire Survivors guides hub if you want to learn more about the game!

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