David Aldridge, a veteran NBA reporter who has been with ESPN for over 30 years and previously worked at Sports Illustrated, praised David Stern on Twitter. However, he also slammed MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred in an opinion piece that’s causing quite the commotion among sports journalists.

David Aldridge, a veteran NBA reporter who has covered the league for more than two decades, praised David Stern, but blasted MLB Commish Rob Manfred. Read more in detail here: did david aldridge play in the nba.

Veteran NBA Reporter David Aldridge Praises David Stern, Blasts MLB Commish Rob Manfred

David Aldridge, a veteran NBA writer, had no issues with the late David Stern, the league’s commissioner from 1984 to 2014. They dealt with any issues that arose in-house. This week, Aldridge made it quite apparent when he applauded Stern while stating unequivocally that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred handled his latest problem with MLB journalist Ken Rosenthal poorly.

MLB Network allegedly fired reporter Ken Rosenthal for earlier criticism of Rob Manfred.

Ken Rosenthal worked for MLB Network for 12 years until confirming that he is no longer employed by the league-owned network. According to public accounts, Rosenthal was fired because he authored pieces for The Athletic criticizing MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. Manfred’s management of negotiations and baseball life during the epidemic was the source of those critiques.

Rosenthal was taken off the air for three months, according to The New York Post, after penning many essays criticizing Manfred’s handling of baseball while COVID-19 wrecked havoc on the sports world. Despite the fact that his contract expired at the end of last year, it is commonly assumed that the network severed connections with him due to his criticism of the commissioner.

Rosenthal’s absence was attributed to normal network modifications, according to Major League Baseball.

“As MLB Network continues to seek for new methods to present baseball to our viewers,” an MLB spokeswoman told The Washington Post, “there is a natural turnover in our talent roster that occurs each year.” “Over the previous 13 years, Ken has played an important role at MLB Network. We congratulate him for his contributions to MLB Network’s studio, game, and event programming from spring training through the winter meetings, and we wish him the best in the future.” 

David Aldridge, an NBA reporter, likes David Stern while criticizing Manfred.


David-Aldridge-1-1024x683 a television personality On September 28, 2015, in El Segundo, California, David Aldridge of the Los Angeles Lakers interviews Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers at Toyota Sports Center at the Los Angeles Lakers Media Day. | Getty Images/Leon Bennett

Aldridge is no stranger to the NBA. He’s worked for ABC and ESPN as a sideline reporter. For The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Washington Post, he covered the league. TNT’s Inside the NBA featured Aldridge as a “insider,” and he also did some sideline reporting. He’s now employed with The Athletic.

Aldridge just added his two cents to the Rosenthal/Manfred saga. He started with a tweet that said, “I roll with Rosenthal.”

Then he went into further detail, describing how Stern handled the media in comparison to Manfred. He worked for TNT, which owned NBA TV and NBA.com, and was in a similar scenario as Rosenthal.

“I worked for 14 years for Turner Sports, which ran NBA TV and NBA.com in collaboration with the league,” Aldridge tweeted on Tuesday. “Do you know what David Stern did when he didn’t like anything I wrote or said?” He dialed my number and yelled obscenities to me. He didn’t, however, go to my managers and attempt to terminate me.”

As MLB Commissioner, Manfred has made a number of mistakes.

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The commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred, has had a tumultuous tenure. MLB’s players are currently on strike. Negotiations over a 60-game schedule during a pandemic were humiliating, but not quite as bad as Manfred’s description of the World Series trophy as a “piece of metal.”

Manfred stated so while speaking about another another of his blunders, the way he handled the 2017 Houston Astros cheating issue. He mocked the trophy while attempting to make a point about the Astros perhaps losing their championship.

He expressed regret for the error.

According to ESPN, Manfred remarked, “I want to apologize for it.” “I made a mistake, there’s no justification for it.” I was attempting to make a point, but I should have done it in a more efficient manner, and I apologize once again.

“I’ll admit it: I’ve given out five World Series trophies.” There is nothing more satisfying in my position than presenting the prize. I understand what you’re saying, and I apologize for saying what I did.”

Manfred has had a difficult time. Rosenthal’s difficult run will be exacerbated by his decision to cut connections with him.

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David Aldridge, a veteran NBA reporter and former ESPN writer, praised the David Stern for his time as commissioner of the National Basketball Association. However, he also blasted MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred for what he believed to be an over-reliance on analytics in baseball. Reference: david aldridge wife.

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