The Kraken Puzzle is one of the most difficult and frustrating games in existence. It’s difficult because there are no clues as to what you’re supposed to do, so it takes a lot of trial-and-error before you can figure out how to solve it. You’ll also be frustrated by some of its other features, like an infinite loop that has stopped playing after your first four attempts (in frustration). But at least we have good news for those who give up too soon: if you complete the game with all three stars on each level, then get 100% accuracy on all levels combined, you unlock two secret bonus levels that were hidden away from players until now!

The “we were here forever walkthrough” is a guide to the puzzle game, “We Were Here Forever”. It includes solutions for each level of the game.



You may use the advice in this guide to help you complete the Kraken challenge in We Were Here Forever, a much harder game than its predecessor.

At a crucial point in the endgame, the Kraken puzzle is presented. It gets simple once you know which symbols to use for your replies.

How to Complete the We Were Here Forever Kraken Puzzle

The “The Deep” portion of Chapter 5 of the We Were Here Forever tale contains the Kraken puzzle.

You may listen to the four sound messages the Kraken monster has shared with you after you get at the undersea station. By hitting the buttons in the control room to your left, you may turn them on. Then, send the appropriate signals in return. Various symbols to your right symbolize these messages.

Eight symbols from the control panel must be selected in this case, and four messages with two symbols each must be sent. These are the steps to take if you wish to solve this puzzle:

  • Diamond + Amogus Church, the first message
  • Message 2: Rectangle + Two-Headed Person
  • Figure + Rectangle + Hand raised = Message 3
  • Message 4: Curved Line + Rectangle

The Kraken problem may be completed once you send all four mails. But that’s not all; at the base of the undersea station, you will also be asked, “What explorers desire?”

You must now choose the appropriate response, which is “Escape” (curved line plus rectangle).

The next cutscene will finally start and advance you closer to the game’s end.

That is all there is to the We Were Here Forever Kraken puzzle solution. Don’t forget to read our We Were Here Forever official review, which is located right here.

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