Continuing my love for the Panthers and the NFL, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from friends asking me what I think about the Panthers’ chances of winning a Super Bowl this year. I thought I’d share a few thoughts.

LeBron James has extended his contract with Nike and has signed a $1 billion deal with the company. He has been a Nike athlete since 2003 and the two have been a match made in heaven since—so much so that they have even coined a new phrase to describe their relationship: “We’ve had a very intense relationship.”

Earlier this month, Bryson Deschambault surprised the golf world by saying goodbye to his longtime caddie Tim Tucker on the eve of the Rocket Mortgage Classic. PGA Tour fans immediately began to harbor conspiracy theories as to why this sudden separation occurred.

But Tucker, who recently spoke out for the first time since announcing his divorce, has just debunked all the rumors by explaining the real reason for the divorce.

Mysterious difference between Bryson Deschambault and Tim Tucker

Bryson Deschambault talks to his former caddie Tim Tucker during the final round of the Masters at Augusta National. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Prior to the Rocket Mortgage Classic two weekends ago, Deschambault went through a typical tournament routine. He played a few practice rounds and a pro-am at the Detroit Golf Club during the week, and Tucker was with him the entire time, as he almost always has been for the past six years.

But when Deschambault arrived Thursday morning for his first round of the tournament, Tucker was nowhere to be seen. No Laying Up then reported that the world number six and his longtime caddie broke up Wednesday night.

Separations between professional golfers and their caddies are not uncommon on the PGA Tour, but this case is different. Tucker was at Deschambault all week for the tournament. What could have happened Wednesday night to cause this sudden break?

The rumors are flying around on Twitter, but Tucker just debunked them with his first post-breakup comment.

Tucker reveals the truth


Golf fans were waiting for the sensational news that Deschambault and Tucker had had a fight and broken up the day before a PGA Tour event, but the real reason for the breakup isn’t so juicy.

Speaking with Luke Kerr-Dinin of over the weekend, Tucker explained that the grueling schedule and long hours had exhausted him and it was time to take a break.

We’re very tired, Tucker said. The season, the tour schedule has exhausted us, exhausted me. I knew I was doing this job as a side job; we had a very intense relationship where he was working a lot of overtime. It was a bit because I wasn’t 100% healthy and happy. We made the best decision for both of us.

Tucker is more than just a PGA Tour caddie. When he wasn’t carrying Deschambault’s bag and giving her accurate measurements of meters and wind directions, he was working on a side project: The luxury touring company in the iconic Bandon Dunes, an area where Tucker used to play caddy. Now he can turn his side income into a full-time job.

Although Gulf fans would have loved to see a contradictory breakup story, the breakup was amicable and had been worked on for some time. Tucker said there is no grudge between him and Deschambault.

I didn’t make much money [in the beginning]. I was making good money, but suddenly Bryson became a superstar, Tucker said. I was grateful to be a part of this success, and the result of our hard work gave me the opportunity to send my children to college. What more could a father ask for? I owe a lot to Bryson.

Deschambault is preparing for his next adventure with a new Caddy

If you didn’t believe Tucker that the rift between them was mutual, let Deschambault dispel your doubts.

Everyone always thinks there was some kind of split, but there wasn’t, he said. It took him a long time to finish. Tim is a very, very good friend of mine. She is someone I care about, have cared about, and will care about for the rest of my life.

We’re still friends, I’ll still talk to him, call him, talk to him. From my point of view, it’s very good for both of us.

Now Deschambault will try to continue his incredible success on the PGA Tour with a new caddie: Brian Zeigler. Zeigler is the lead instructor at Dallas National, Deschambault’s home course, and helped Deschambault become the longest hitter in PGA Tour history.

Brian was a big part of my life for a while, Deschambault said. We did a lot of speed exercises together. He was a motivator and a cheerleader. He helped me achieve new [personal bests] that I didn’t believe in.

Teaching Deschambault to hit faster and carrying his bag are two completely different tasks, though. The pointer must be prepared for long nights, even longer sessions on the shooting range, and accurate calculations of air density on the golf course.

Not surprisingly, Tucker was exhausted after six years of work.

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