The Green Bay Packers have a tight window to make a splash in free agency.  The Packers will have roughly $9 million in salary cap space to spend this offseason.  They could franchise tag Rodgers, but that would cost around $21.5 million.  The Packers could also trade Rodgers, but that would cost a first round pick in 2018 and a late round pick in 2019.  The Packers could also release Rodgers, but that would create another $8 million in dead salary cap space. The Packers could also keep Rodgers and then release one or more of their veteran free agents.  But, there is a bigger issue the Packers must consider before they can make any of these moves.  Rodgers wants to

The Green Bay Packers are hoping to catch lightning in a bottle under first-year coach Matt Lafleur, who has won over his players with his tough love approach to the game. But such success isn’t guaranteed, and the Packers can only begin training camp with 53 players. So, what actions could the Packers take to accelerate their chances of having a full roster and getting Rodgers ready for the season opener?

There are only a few weeks left before training camp begins on the 27th. July and the Aaron Rodgers situation is still unresolved.

The good news for Puck is that Rogers has not exercised his release clause, meaning there is still a chance he will be in camp.

But if the Packers want to guarantee his participation, these few steps could help.

Packers may bid on Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers throws a football at 17. Hole during the second round of the American Century Championship | Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

The Packers have a great chance to win the Super Bowl, but only if their MVP quarterback is ready to return.

They could offer Rodgers the chance to join the team of his choice after the season and negotiate his departure from Green Bay next year.

Rodgers may ask the team to put it in writing, guaranteeing his departure. The Packers will be happy, Rodgers will be happy and the fans will be happy. They’ll bring Rodgers back for another Super Bowl game.

Pledge to get rid of certain members of the Packers’ board

The relationship between Rodgers and Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst seems to be the biggest obstacle. According to Forbes, Rodgers doesn’t like his general manager, and the situation could go back to last year when the team selected backup quarterback Jordan Love.

Rodgers was clearly not happy with the decision, especially since the team did not bother to inform him of their plans.

From that point on, both the team and Rodgers were not on the same page. The way out of this situation is to fire Gutekunst. It may be a little harsh, but the organization needs to ask itself who is more important: Rogers or Gutekunst?

In all likelihood, the Packers will not resort to such drastic measures. But if they want Rogers back, they’ll have to.

Addressing Rogers’ sense of team and family

Rodgers has always said he has no problem with coaches or teammates. The Packers need to appeal to his love for them.

They should sit down with the quarterback and tell him that many are hoping for his return this season and that his absence will disappoint not only the coaches, but also his teammates and fans.

Rogers does not come across as unreasonable and has proven over the years that he has a big heart and loves the Green Bay community.

In fact, during the off-season, he tried to help small business owners who had suffered losses during the coronavirus pandemic.

To get Rogers into camp, the Packers will have to put their egos aside and show humility. They can start by apologizing to him for creating Love and explaining why they did so without talking to him first. It might also help if they tell Rodgers that they will bring in other free agents to help this team reach the Super Bowl.

The two sides will have to sit around the table and work things out if the Packers want to return to the Super Bowl next year.

COMPARED TO: A friend and former teammate of Aaron Rodgers shares his thoughts on the QB’s future after spending time with him last week

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