What makes a great quarterback? In this era of multi-million dollar contracts, arguably the most important position in all of professional sports, it’s fair to ask that question. It’s gotten to the point where it’s almost impossible to find a winner without a quarterback.

Professional football is a crazy game. Two football teams with nothing in common play the same game, but only one will walk away with a trophy. No matter how much you love the game, it’s hard not to be biased; you want your team to win, and if they don’t, you want to see them lose. But sometimes your favorite teams actually do lose. And sometimes the team that loses the game is the one you didn’t want to see win.

We’ve all been there: As a kid, we all wanted to be a quarterback. But, as we all know, being a quarterback is a very difficult position. In order to become a good quarterback, you must have certain qualities. Some of the qualities that make a good quarterback are:

We all know that the most important position on the football field is the quarterback. It is through them that all the offensive actions pass, and ultimately it is through them that the points are scored. It’s such an important position that championships can only be won or lost when the QB is playing. So what makes a quarterback great? What makes a good quarterback? word-image-15123


If a quarterback is only good at one thing, chances are he won’t have a chance in the big leagues. Having a great arm is great, but if you can’t make a 10-yard pass when the timing calls for it, you’re going to have a hard time reaching the top level. The best quarterbacks can throw from any distance and don’t look for a miracle pass every time they get the ball.

Large hand

It goes without saying that a good quarterback must have a good arm, or he will never reach the wide receivers. The quarterback should be able to hit the target nine times out of ten, and sometimes even better. The coach relies on the quarterback to execute his play perfectly, and if his arm fails even a few percent, that can be enough to lead to a loss. Quarterbacks thrive on their hands, and all the great players over the years had strong but consistent throws.

Agility and strength – time savings

Sometimes the opposing defense covers all your plays and the quarterback has no open options. For the elite of the sport, this is not a problem, and they have the ability to hold the ball for a few more seconds until something comes loose. Quarterbacks need to be strong enough to handle the pressure of running backs in the backfield. Those precious seconds can make the difference between advancing to the field or going on the defensive. What makes a good quarterback? word-image-15124

Understanding football

All quarterbacks should have a deep love for football and understand what goes into every play. They need to be able to make their own adjustments because the coach may not see what is going on yet. If you can see where your opponents are trying to neutralize your team’s play, you can find new openings and confuse the coach. Some of the best quarterbacks in history have been able to react to changes in the opponent’s defense and still win.

Encyclopaedic knowledge of the playbook

Although good quarterbacks can make their own decisions about which play to play, sometimes they have to take advice from the coach. If they have to show up for a tutorial every time a coach wants to do something else, people aren’t going to trust them. Quarterbacks need to be able to make the plays the coaches want to make, or they end up as spectators on the sidelines. Sometimes this means learning all the rules of the game and the proper hand signals. Who says football players don’t need brains?

Sight so as not to be blind, height

A good quarterback must have a full view of the field to execute the play. That means they can’t be overwhelmed by incoming defenders and they can’t just look at their receivers. Sometimes you can make a shorter pass that allows the team to move on to the next phase of the game, but if the QB is looking the other way, he won’t notice that pass. One aspect that many coaches consider important for quarterbacks is length, and many of the best quarterbacks are 0 or 4 feet tall. You have to look over the crowd of clashing players to find the next pass.


Coaches have to rely on their quarterbacks every game. This means that regardless of the weather or the level of the opponent, they have to show up and show their game. If a coach knows his quarterback is playing 8/10 every time, he knows he will have points on the scoreboard before the game even starts. Players like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Joe Montana and Aaron Rodgers were always sure to come to the game and give it their all. What makes a good quarterback? word-image-15125

Quick lock

If the quarterback takes too long to decide what to do with the ball, chances are he’ll run a foul. The best quarterbacks can’t release the ball more than 3 seconds after the snap, which prevents defenders from getting too close. Football relies on the element of surprise, and if you give the ball away for too long, it’s much easier to defend your opponent. Elite quarterbacks need to be decisive and not waste time thinking about their actions.

What is the pressure?

Great quarterbacks must have the courage of a sniper and not panic no matter how many players attack them. Quarterbacks need to trust their offensive blockers to do their job and focus on finding important passes. The best quarterbacks in history had ice in their veins, and panic was never in their vocabulary.


Perhaps the most important trait of a quarterback is his determination to win, regardless of the odds. Ultimately, winning is what players are judged on, and if a QB can win consistently, he is considered a great player. Losing a football game never gets you to the Super Bowl. So quarterbacks need to focus on success. There are many things that make a quarterback great, but most great players in history have excelled in those areas. Life at the top isn’t easy, so the best quarterbacks should always be at their best, but because of these traits, they’re actually always at their best.A great quarterback is a person who can make everyone around him better by being the leader on the field. He is the quarterback, but not the star of the team. He sets the tone, gets the team to execute, and helps the team win. He is a leader by example, and people look to him for leadership. He is a leader on and off the field.. Read more about quarterback personality types and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills does a quarterback need?

Football fans know a thing or two about quarterbacks, and it’s not just the lack of offensive talent in the NFL. The deficiencies of quarterbacks, especially those at the entry level, are well-communicated in the industry. A great quarterback is the kind of player who can make his squad better by guiding them to wins. So, what skills does a quarterback need to do so? Well, there’s everything from the obvious (his arm strength, accuracy, footwork, etc.) to the mundane (leadership, intelligence, etc.). The quarterback controls the offense with their feet, hands, and eyes. Their quick decision making and accuracy are what lead the offense to score points.

Who is the number 1 quarterback of all time?

Football fans know that the only thing more fascinating than the game itself is the question of who is the best quarterback ever. There are plenty of ways to measure a quarterback, but the most important thing to consider when ranking the best quarterbacks in history is their consistency. Consistency is how a quarterback performs when they play at their best, not when they play poorly. Consistency is how many games they win. Consistency is success when they play poorly, not when they play their best. Consistency is whether or not they were able to lead their team to victory when their offense was struggling. When considering the best quarterbacks in sports history, it’s no surprise that Tom Brady tops the list. The man has won two Super Bowls and four Super Bowl MVP awards, which is pretty impressive for someone who’s only been playing football for a little over 10 years. But with all the talk of Brady’s legacy, it’s easy to overlook some of his greatest predecessors who have put up many more impressive numbers.

What do coaches look for in a quarterback?

A quarterback has to have great leadership skills, and not only on the field. We have all heard the story of Vince Lombardi and how prior to the start of Super Bowl II he visited a local diner to see how each of the players in the team was doing. While there he observed that the players were having a great time, but one of the players seemed to be down. He asked the player why he seemed so upset, and the player replied that he was unhappy with his job as a mailman. Lombardi advised the player not to worry, and that his job was fine – it was the job he was doing that was not good. Heading into the season, most NFL fans think they know what makes a quarterback great. The new-and-improved passer that’s accurate and can throw the ball down the field. The accurate passer who’s also mobile and a leader. The mobile passer who can throw the ball downfield and deliver acrobatic strikes. The leader who can make all the right plays and deliver big plays with their legs.

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