The Milwaukee Bucks have been one of the NBA’s best franchises for the past decade. The team has made the semi-finals or better in all but one of the last ten seasons, its most recent championship being in 2014. Yet, for all of this success, the team has a ghost: a player that has been mostly invisible for the past five years. Kyle Korver, the Bucks sharpshooter, has been with the team since 2007. Since that time, Korver has made six All-Star appearances, and has averaged 14.6 points a night while shooting a career-best 44% from three in 2015/16. Unfortunately, Korver’s All-Star appearances have become fewer and far between, and

The Milwaukee Bucks are a professional basketball team located in Wisconsin that play in the league known as the NBA, which is a league that represents all the major professional basketball teams in the locations in North America. The Bucks are a fairly new franchise, having only been in the league since the start of the year, 2016. They have not had a good start to life in the NBA. The team currently is 4th from the bottom in the Western Conference with a record of 13-25, which is not good for a team that is supposed to be one of the best in the league.

The season had just began and the Milwaukee Bucks were already experiencing some major struggles. This was only the second game of the season, but it was clear that the Bucks offense was in a slump. The Bucks had two of the top five scorers in the league in their starting lineup, but they were struggling to string together any kind of consistent offense. In the first quarter, the Bucks scored just five points and trailed the Philadelphia 76ers by as many as 22 points. Things were not looking any better in the second quarter, and the Bucks were trailing by as many as 21 points. The Bucks would never lead in the game, and at the end of the first half, they were down by 37 points, 49-31. Although the game

Kyle Korver has developed into an instant attacker from the bench. He played 17 years in the NBA, mostly as a reserve, but he was always considered one of the best long-range shooters in the game. Last year, he inspired a Milwaukee Bucks team during the playoffs with quick offensive moves from the bench. The Bucks are on the cusp of their first NBA Finals since 1974, and where has Korver gone?

Kyle Korver’s year with the Milwaukee Bucks included a pandemicand a walk

Kyle Korver of the Milwaukee Bucks reacts after shooting a three-pointer against the Orlando Magic last season.
(Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The year 2020 has been difficult for everyone. The NBA had to delay the season by four months as the coronavirus (COVID-19) wreaked havoc across the country. When Florida’s bubble season resumed in late July, the league and its players paid close attention to the issue of social justice. In protest of the recent murder of Jacob Blake, a black man from Wisconsin, the Bucks have forfeited their playoff game against the Orlando Magic.

Korver used his platform as an NBA player, and a white one at that, to make his point about racial inequality. Our team, like many other teams, has had conversations about this, he said in an interview with USA Today in February. When you’re in the bubble, everyone has tried to be deliberate in their interviews. Of course, there were all kinds of signs. But we kept wondering: How can we defend what we believe in? A lot of guys didn’t really want to play on the bubble. The impetus to go on the bubble was to use that platform, amplify our voices and present the information in a powerful way.

Korver said it was teammate George Hill who decided he didn’t want to play. Hill made the decision while they were in the locker room and time was running out before the game started. We said: We agree with you. We make decisions in real time, as time passes, Korver said.

Kyle Korver hasn’t played this year, but is not officially eliminated


Korver played a key role for the Bucs in the secondary last year. His scoring numbers declined, but he breathed new life into the offense with his quick three-pointers. He showed that he is still capable of being an NBA player when the Bucks played against the Denver Nuggets. The Bucks team was depleted by injuries and Korver got a lot of minutes and scored 23 points, including five three-pointers.

He hasn’t played a game since the Miami Heat beat the Bucks in the playoffs last year. USA Today’s Mark Medina asked him about the replay. How much did he negotiate with NBA teams to play this year?

I’ve talked to several teams about it, he said. Coming out of the bubble, I believe in honoring the game. I think we should have a good offseason in his honor. When I came out of the bubble with a trick, I didn’t feel like I had really succeeded. So I don’t want to cheat the game. If I want to play, I want to play well.

I didn’t sign any papers. My wife asks me this question every day. It’s hard for me to find the right words. So I haven’t signed the papers yet. I enjoyed being with my family and it was a tough season for the league and the players. But we’ll see. I don’t know.

Korver can still contribute to aNBA team


For someone who was traded for a copy machine, Korver has done well in the NBA. He led the league in three-point shooting for four years and led the league in free throw percentage during the 2006-07 season.

He played for six different teams in his 17-year career. The New Jersey Nets acquired him from Creighton in the second round of the 2003 NBA Draft, but immediately traded him to the Philadelphia 76ers. He played four seasons in Philadelphia before transferring to the Utah Jazz.

Korver made his only NBA All-Star Game appearance in the 2014-15 season with the Atlanta Hawks. He started all 75 games this year and averaged 12.1 points per game.

With the emphasis on three-point shooting in today’s NBA, Korver will likely have no problem getting back on the court. He seems a little burned out after last year’s chaotic season, and a family life might suit him.

All statistics are from Basketball Reference.

COMPARED TO: How much are the Milwaukee Bucks worth?For the past five seasons, the Milwaukee Bucks have been the hottest team in the NBA. Now, that streak may be over, as their franchise player Kyle Korver is reportedly considering leaving the team.. Read more about did kyle korver retire and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kyle Korver now?

Kyle Korver is now playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Is Kyle Korver still on the Bucks?


What is Kyle Korver salary?

Kyle Korver’s salary is $7,000,000 per year.

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