This year, the NFL has plenty of young quarterbacks vying for the starting role, especially with the release of Carson Wentz. Every team has a new starter, and we could see even more this year. The QBs are in their prime years: first-year players are at their most vulnerable age, and veterans are typically past their prime. So, which of the 2017 QBs will bounce back this season? Their careers could depend on it.

The 2018 NFL season ended with a thud for the three quarterbacks who threw for more yards than the New England Patriots’ celebrated backup Jimmy Garoppolo: the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger, Washington Redskins’ Alex Smith, and Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes. Will all three bounce back in 2019? Only time will tell.

Carson Wentz, Matt Stafford and Cam Newton all had disappointing years last season for one reason or another.

Newton has had to deal with injuries and a depleted team.

Many believe Wentz had a down year because backup quarterback Jalen Hurts was pressuring him.

Matt Stafford also struggled with injuries and a lack of talent on offense with the Detroit Lions.

But which quarterback is most likely to return this season?

Trade has revitalised Stafford

Perhaps the biggest deal of the offseason was the deception between the Detroit Lions and the Los Angeles Rams, who literally swapped quarterbacks. Stafford was sent to Los Angeles and the Rams sent 2016 first-round pick Jared Goff to Lyons.

It was a deal both quarterbacks needed. Stafford, 33, wanted to win the Super Bowl, and he didn’t want to do it as the Lions’ quarterback. The Rams have the best talent and coaches around him, which should give him a great opportunity to not only compete for a playoff spot, but a Super Bowl title.

The biggest question this season is can Stafford stay healthy? He needs it if the Aries want to be successful.

Wentz no longer needs to look over his shoulder

Jalen Harts and Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles look at each other before the game against Washington | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

All last season, Wentz had his eye on Jalen Harts as he tried to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to the playoffs. Wentz had a lot of problems last year and wanted to get out of Philadelphia. It was pretty clear that the Eagles had let him down.

Instead of sitting behind Harts and waiting his turn, the Eagles did him a favor and traded him to the Indianapolis Colts where he will hopefully gain a whole new perspective.

The key to getting Wentz back on track is his confidence. It may be easier said than done, but in this situation he has no one looking over his shoulder, ready to take his place, at least for now.

Newton wants to be Superman again

Of all these quarterbacks, Newton probably has the most to prove because of the poor season he had last year.

When the New England Patriots signed Newton, they thought they were getting Newton’s MVP, but they got the oft-injured former MVP.

Newton was the most dangerous man on the field in his heyday, but have age and injuries finally caught up with him?

The Patriots seem to think so. In the 2021 draft, they chose quarterback Mack Jones to take Newton’s place.

When and if this happens is entirely up to him. Newton seems to think he still has gas in the tank, but Superman better show up soon, because so far the Pats only have Clark Kent.

All of these quarterbacks have a chance to return, but do they have what it takes to complete their comeback?

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