Sports gambling is a billion dollar industry, and it’s hard to believe that a single young man could make that much money. But, that’s exactly what happened when Logan Paul cracked the top 10 most watched YouTube channels of 2018, surpassing beauty vloggers, game shows, and even the top political pundits.

Logan Paul, that YouTube star known for his controversial vlogs and controversies, has done it again. After posting a video of a dead body in a Japanese forest, a YouTuber named Cole LaBrant started a petition calling for Logan to be banned from YouTube. However, the petition was pulled down because it had no signatures.

The wildly popular YouTube star Logan Paul posted a video to his channel last month of a dead body hanging from a tree in Japan’s Aokigahara no yama (the “Sea of Trees”–also known as the “Suicide Forest”) in what appeared to be a suicide. The video was published on Paul’s main channel, but it did not receive the same amount of attention that it did on the channel of his brother Jake, who is also a popular YouTuber.

Fans who saw YouTube star Logan Paul fight pro boxer Floyd Mayweather were disappointed. The fight lasted eight rounds and neither fighter was able to take the other down, so it would have ended in a draw. Mayweather threw more punches and controlled the fight, but Paul pulled the longer one. The social media sensation survived a fight against one of the best boxers of all time. This performance certainly earned Paul another favorable fight against his chosen opponent. The question is who will Logan Paul’s next opponent be.

Logan Paul made a lot of money fighting Floyd Mayweather

Paul’s fight against Mayweather may not be the best representation of the sport, but it made both fighters a lot of money. Exact attendance numbers are not yet available, but prior to the fight, Mayweather estimated his earnings to be between $50 million and $100 million. Indeed, the world boxing champion will receive 50 percent of his revenue from pay-per-views in addition to a $10 million advance, according to the New York Times. As for Paul, he reportedly earned $250,000 for his participation in the contest and will receive 10% of his pay-per-view earnings, which would amount to about $20 million. Showtime Boxing costs viewers $49.99. The Times estimates that the boxers would receive $120 million if the fight were bought by 4.8 million people. The reason all this data is only approximate is that while professional fights in Florida are required to disclose the fee, this fight was technically a practice fight.

Paul says he might fight an MMA opponent next time

Logan Paul | Photo: Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images word-image-4165 Paul has shown that he is at least a competent boxer. This gives him a wide range of opponents to choose from. But according to Paul, his next fight might not be a boxing match at all. After the fight, Paul talked about all the takedowns and holds he did against Mayweather. He attributed this to his past athletic experience and the fact that he might be ready to change sports for his next fight. I caught him, yes, Paul said, as reported by MMA Junkie. I would definitely go into MMA because I’m a good wrestler. You know, I’m a fighter at heart. That he is a wrestler at heart goes back to when Paul was a wrestler in high school. If Paul decides to continue with MMA, he will likely be looking for a top opponent. Conner McGregor is the strongest name in the mix, and he has a penchant for extravagant, cross-disciplinary fights, but Paul probably doesn’t have enough appeal for Notorious yet. According to CBS Sports, Paul weighed 189.5 pounds for the Mayweather fight, making him an MMA welterweight. When Paul picks an older, important fighter in this weight class for his next fight, two MMA opponents come to mind. Chuck Liddell, at 51, is seven years older than Mayweather and says he has stopped fighting. In an interview with TMZ, he even ruled out a fight with Logan’s brother, Jake Paul. But when Liddell sees the money Mayweather is making by fighting Paul’s brother, he might change his mind. The other option is John Bones Jones. The 33-year-old former UFC bantamweight champion appears to be looking for a new challenge. He recently announced that he wanted to move up to heavyweight. He also said on Twitter that he and his brother Chandler Jones, the dee-lineman of the NFL, could go up against any other pair of brothers and beat them. @sportscasting19The next fight for Logan Paul is scheduled for Sunday, April 2, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The fight is for the interim WBA heavyweight title, and Logan is facing undefeated Greg Page. Page is a relatively new fighter who came from a tough upbringing. His dad was a boxer, and was involved in multiple street fights. Logan is best known for his victory over controversial ex-welterweight champion Paul Malignaggi at the age of 22. He stands at six feet and two inches tall, and has a reach of 72 inches.. Read more about logan paul fight record and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Logan Paul boxing?

Boxing has had a long history of controversy and controversy over the sport has never been greater. Logan Paul (aka Logan Paul Logan Paul) is a professional boxer and is one of the most controversial figures in the sport. He has been banned from boxing several times for his controversial antics. Paul made a name for himself as a YouTube personality when he posted a video of his reaction to finding out he had cancer, complete with a suicide-inducing ‘towel scene. He was quickly dropped by both Disney and YouTube, but lately has been doing his best to turn things around. He’s dropped the angry and started to be more serious, and his boxing videos are a good place to see that shift.

How much is Floyd Mayweather getting for the Logan Paul fight?

Floyd Mayweather is making a lot of money for a fight with a well known “social media” person. Over the weekend he was reported to be getting a guaranteed $100 million from the fight. If you were to look at Logan Paul’s career, the greatest time may be behind him. He has had a pretty up and down career, from getting a UFC fight, getting released, getting on the cover of a UFC magazine and then getting released again. But he has always been able to make ends meet with his talents in the cage and he is always able to make a name for himself in the world of MMA. That all changed when Logan posted a video of him tasering a dead rat. Now he has been banned from all major MMA promotions and has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

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