This week the New England Patriots traded wide receiver N’Keal Harry to the Arizona Cardinals after he requested a trade from the team. The smoke and mirrors involved in the deal have been suspicious from the get-go, and it’s now being called one of the worst trades in NFL history.

The Patriots are in a bind with third-round pick N’Keal Harry. He’s reportedly requested a trade, which seems to be surprising given how he performed in his rookie season. Harry appeared in every game and recorded 22 receptions for 317 yards and one touchdown. If you’re wondering how he’s suddenly seeking a trade, it’s because he’s apparently not happy with his role in New England.

Do the Patriots lose England’s first-round pick for receiver N’Keel Harry in the 2019 NFL Draft? Or did they not use Arizona State’s 6-foot-4, 225-pound wide receiver properly? Harry’s agent said his client was tired of playing under Bill Belichick, so much so that he asked the team to trade the wideout. Who is responsible for Harry’s failure in the NFL?

N’Keel Harry was selected by the Patriots for some very good receivers.

New England Patriots’ N’Keel Harry runs with the ball against the Arizona Cardinals during the first quarter of the game at Gillette Stadium on the 29th. November 2020 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The Patriots selected Harry as the second wide receiver in the 2019 draft. With the last pick of the first round, Harry was placed behind Marquis Brown, who was selected by the Baltimore Ravens with the 25th pick. Harry was later selected seven times, ahead of some big names.

Seven wide receivers were selected in the second round, including D.K. Metcalfe of the Seattle Seahawks, A.J. Brown (Tennessee Titans), Mekol Hardman (Kansas City Chiefs) and Deebo Samuel (San Francisco 49ers). Terry McLaurin of the Washington football team was selected in the third round.

During his three-year career at Arizona State, Harri was an outlier. He scored over 1,000 yards in each of his sophomore and junior seasons. Over the years, he’s scored 17 touchdowns. He finished his college career with 22 touchdowns and 2,889 yards.

Harry didn’t come close to those numbers with the Patriots. In two seasons with New England, Harry caught 45 balls for 414 yards and four touchdowns.

N’Keel Harry requests a trade with the Patriots

After two seasons with the Patriots, it seems Harry is bored with the team. His agent. Jamal Tucson, has officially requested a transfer from New England. Tucson believed that his client’s lack of performance was due to a lack of capacity.

N’Keel understands that the key ingredient in production is opportunity, Tucson said in a statement. He will continue to work hard to develop and improve his craft after missing much of his first year with an injury. His expectations for his NFL career did not change on selection day. We are convinced that success is within his grasp, and we will do everything in our power to achieve it.

Tucson began his statement by saying that he has been working with the team over the past few months to make this change.

Over the past few months, I have been working behind the scenes with the Patriots on a plan that will allow N’Keel to thrive in New England, the statement read. He has 86 targets in two seasons, which clearly doesn’t match the expectations the Patriots and N’Kiel had of him when they drafted a dominant offensive player who was virtually unstoppable at the top of the college offense.

After numerous negotiations with the Patriots, I think it’s time for a fresh start, and it’s best for both parties if N’Keel transfers before training camp begins. Today I informed the Patriots that I am making an official request for a trade on behalf of my client.

Who is to blame for Harry’s lack of success?


The Patriots missed out, but that doesn’t mean Harry can’t have a productive career in New England. Harry missed nine games in his rookie season due to various injuries. Last year, the Patriots brought in Cam Newton to replace Tom Brady, and it didn’t go well. Newton struggled in the passing game, and that’s not just Harry’s fault.

Harry is not as good as most of the receivers recruited under him. New England just picked the wrong one, but is two years – especially when he was injured for most of the first half and had a change of QB in the second half – enough to judge him?

Harry can ask for a trade, but the Patriots don’t have to pull the trigger. Belichick is stubborn and will likely tolerate unless he is knocked out by a high draft pick in a trade. Right now, the quarterback situation in New England is precarious. Until newcomer Mac Jones takes over and provides stability at the position, Harry is unlikely to feel comfortable in the attack.

This also applies to any other beneficiary of the team. Newton is not the future. Jones. If Harry stays patient, he can negotiate with Jones, but apparently he doesn’t want to wait that long. It’s a bold move for an unproductive catcher to ask for a replacement after two years of service. Harry’s best chance is to stay and prove the Patriots didn’t make a mistake by wasting a first round pick on him.

All statistics are from Pro Football Reference.

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