LeBron James is no stranger to trash-talking. He’s the King of Trash Talk himself, and many other NBA players have followed suit in what has become one of the most entertaining sports leagues around. In this piece, we’ll explore how trash talk became a tradition in basketball that often goes overboard as well as highlight some cases where athletes lost control over their mouths.

The “you’re trash meaning” is a phrase that has become popular in recent years. It means that the person who said it, thinks the other person is worthless and should be treated accordingly.

For the last five months, the Philadelphia 76ers have been attempting to move Ben Simmons with no success. Daryl Morey, the team’s president of basketball operations, has maintained that he would not trade Simmons for anything less than a superstar, but such a deal is just not available right now.

Former NBA All-Star Arenas, Gilbert just gave the most brutally honest assessment on the failed trade discussions we’ve heard yet, as Simmons and the 76ers continue their standoff.

The 76ers are still looking for a trade partner for Ben Simmons.

The 76ers can't trade Ben Simmons because they have no leverage, says Gilbert Arenas.

The 76ers can't trade Ben Simmons because they have no leverage, says Gilbert Arenas. During a game against the New Orleans Pelicans, Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers dribbles down the floor | Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Simmons met with the front office in June after the 76ers were ousted from the playoffs by the Atlanta Hawks and wanted a trade. Since then, the 76ers have been receiving and submitting trade proposals for their All-Star point guard, but Morey has yet to accept one.

The obvious problem seems to be that the Sixers regard Simmons’ trade worth far higher than the market value. Interested suitors aren’t ready to give up a superstar for a defensive specialist who hasn’t been able to fit even a good jump shooting into his game in four complete NBA seasons.

Simmons’ market worth is also low since the 76ers don’t have any leverage. Every other club knows Simmons doesn’t want to play for the Sixers again, so they won’t give top cash when the Sixers are under the most pressure to make a trade.

Still, Morey hasn’t given up on his fantasy of getting a superstar like Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal.

Sure, best of luck with that.

The 76ers get a harsh reality check from Gilbert Arenas.

For months, opinions on the Simmons trade saga have been flying around the basketball world. Some feel the 76ers are being unreasonable in their trade demands, while others say they should wait for a blockbuster deal since Simmons is so valued.

But Gilbert Arenas, who spent 11 seasons in the NBA and is intimately familiar with the process, has struck the nail on the head with his brutally honest assessment of the situation. The former All-Star offered a sharp dose of reality to the 76ers on a recent episode of No Chill with Gilbert Arenas.

Philadelphia made a blunder in terms of trading. Everyone is looking at it in the wrong way. They claim he’s worthless. No, Philadelphia has no clout.

You’re implying that he’s a jerk. I’m going to offer you garbage in exchange for your rubbish. Let’s do some trash trading. I’m not going to give you riches in exchange for the guy you call garbage.

Gilbert Arenas

He is correct in that regard.

There is no conclusion in sight.

This season, the 76ers have played 15 games, and Simmons has yet to appear in any of them. The irritated point guard has remained off the floor as he works to improve his mental health.

But, in truth, Simmons is hoping to be dealt to another contender before being compelled to put on a Sixers jersey once again. However, based on the proposals Morey has made in recent months, that doesn’t seem to be a possibility.

In some ways, Arenas is correct.

Simmons isn’t garbage in and of himself, but his trade worth is. If the 76ers are going to trade Simmons, they want gold in return, but it’s becoming evident that they’ll have to settle for silver or bronze.

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Without Ben Simmons, the Philadelphia 76ers have evolved into a better team over time. RELATED:

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